Changing room

In the morning, I went out to check other hotels. After checking five of them, the cheapest one was actually just twenty metres away, same price as the one I was staying it. The room was almost three times as big, smelled better, and had one big and one small bed (the one I was staying at had one big bed). Also, there were more light coming into the room, and a door to a small balcony, so I could ventilate really well. And something I had not seem so far during my trip: Two(!) electrical outlets! It really was an upgrade.
After moving my stuff, I first ordered a plane ticket home, including bike. On Saturday I am leaving this country!
Then, I went to a placed called Fine Burger, where I had eaten some meals (pretty cheap, hamburger/pizza/kebab place with wifi as good as Swedish ADSL, 8/1 theoretical). Finally, I ordered a camera, moving up to an ASP-C DSLR instead of the small sensor Powershot G10 has. Nothing bad about the G10 – it is really good for its purpose, but it is not what I need anymore.
I was still feeling sick, and bought a five litre water bottle, so that I wouldn’t have to filter right now, and hopefully drink more water.

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