Good weather and invisible book stores

The weather was pretty nice, so when I finally woke up, I set out on a bike tour to find a second hand english book store. After pretty long time, I still hadn’t found it, but I found a Pizza Hut where I had lunch!
During my time at Pizza Hut, I also found out that the page about the book store was deleted, and some of the articles I read dates back to 1999. My conclusion was that it wasn’t there anymore, as no one I asked had heard about it.
I went to a book store close to Pizza Hut, and bought Deception Point by Dan Brown. Outside, I found a good height to put the right pedal on, so it would hold against when I wanted to get the left one loose. It worked!
Back at the hotel. My plan was to go to Fine Burger to upload my pictures and also get some movies on the tablet, but it decided to crash instead.
Therefore, there has been less pictures the last days, and will probably not be any before I come home.
Instead, I downloaded 12 hours of radio program through the Swedish Radio app, mostly from SR P3, so now I have a book and some radio!
Soon, I am flying home!