All the pictures from the last days

Just one day before I would fly home!
Therefore, I packed my bagage, and took it down to the post office neighbour to weight everything in. After all the small things I have thrown away that I would not need to bring home, I had 7,5 hand luggage, 15 check-in luggage plus 22 kilo bicycle!
It was still raining outside, and there were water in the hotel corridors, but at least my room stayed dry!
I also went out to get shaved, instead of buying a one-time razor.
My 3G ended during the day, so I spent most time reading. In the evening I went to Une Crepe for a “last meal”. I have been having a good time there, with a really good waitress during all this time!
During the night I woke up to the thunder. There was a big storm outside, and more rain was coming.

Pictures from earlier days:


The bad room


The good room


Une Crepe


Classy interior

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