Time to fly!

When I had eaten breakfast, I packed the last of my stuff, and started biking. I was actually lucky – there were no raining when I started, even though it had rained all morning!

Halfway through the luck disappeared, though, and the rain started again. I only had around 20 kilometres to the airport, so it was not a big deal. On the way I saw what the last couple of days rain had done – there were actually flooding on many places, and the river was flowing with a speed I don’t think is normal. There were also people all along the roads who had parked to take a look at the flooding.

I had a good road to bike on all the way to the airport, though, but the last couple of hundred metres were worse. I am glad I had sandals instead of sneakers, because with every pedalling I did my feet went beneath water!

I arrived six hours before the flight would departure as I wanted to have the extra time. After passing all the stuff through a first scanner, I was now inside of the airport. There, I saw a group of surfers, and I decided to place myself at the same place as them, as they looked nice. They were flying back to Manchester, I think it was, only 45 minutes before my flight would departure.

I changed clothes and made the necessary precautions to packing my bike, and then started to wrap it in the plastic bags I had!




Almost like a dead body

┬áThe check-in went fairly smooth, and they took my bike by hand as it was too big for the conveyor belt. That felt good, as I don’t know how it would take the smashing by the belt.

In the departure hall, I read my book, and just waited. It was really annoying, as they were scream out a “last call” for the same couple for 20 minutes, every minute. Soon, my flight was ready to board, at least.


I met many nice people on the flight. First, the steward asked if there were any tall people who wanted to move to the front. That way, I didn’t have to sit cramped into a too small space this flight either! The other two people who moved front were really nice to talk too, and offered both some pie and wine, which was a nice difference to the snickers I had.

Then, I talked a lot with two people from the crew, and even though this flight was six hours, it was soon over. Arriving at 00:20, the next step was to get my bike and stuff before going to sleep!

Walking out of the airplane, I met a friend of my mother who is working at the airport. My mum seemed pretty worried, still, but was a nice chat while waiting on the luggage!

It took some time for the special luggage to arrive, but finally, i got my bike. I assembled it again, put some air in the tires, and went into Sky City to find myself a sleeping place. I found a good corner, and around two o’clock, it was time to sleep!IMG_2805