A small update, and please answer my question!

I have yet to do some postas about the last trip (equipment, and maybe some look-backs!), but here is a small update for those still visiting this blog!
As I hade much unnecessary weight last time, I am looking into this. The maximum weight I had (inclusive food and water) was over 60 kg, and with some weight on the front, the steering was not really comfortable while going uphill. I am thinking of a lighter tent (half the weight at around 1.70 kg) as I won’t need a super storm proof tent. I also don’t need a -9°C sleeping bag, and by going to +4°C, I can cut that weight in half, down to less than 500 grams. Going to change my front rack (830 grams less), and just those three things adds up to 3 kilos less! Then, it is time to look at what I did not really use over the whole trip, so I think I will be able to cut 10 kilos without a problem!

I will do some small biking trips here in Sweden, and I may post something from there if I think there are people interested! Also, I have something coming up in the summer. While not biking, it may still be interesting!

You may also comment with feedback about the blogging, and about the site overall!

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