A small bicycle trip

As there was a student party in Örebro, which is only ~100 kilometres away, I decided to make a bicycle trip there instead of going by train!

I had scheduled lunch in Arboga with my grandparents. I saw a problem coming when starting to bike, though, as the winds were between 8-10 m/s headwind according to the news. The near-perfect headwind made it really slow, and I averaged around 17 km/h while pushing as hard as possible.

In the end, my grandfather came and picked me up after 26 kilometres. The clock was already close to twelve, and I had 30 more kilometres to go before arriving in Arboga, so this was a really great idea! I learnt not to have too much pride after reviewing my longer bicycle trip, especially when it only makes everything more stressful.

After a wonderful lunch, he drove me to outside of Örebro, with only 6 kilometres left to my destination. Those total of 32 kilometres were more than enough with that wind, and I don’t know how long it would have taken otherwise.


After a couple of days of meeting new people, biking and playing, it was Sunday, and time to go home (after checking out from the sleeping rooms, and hanging out eating pizza in front of Game of Thrones).

The wind was still as strong, if not stronger, than it was at the Thursday, and still blowing the same direction, which was wonderful news! I started a couple of minutes after two. I soon arrived in Arboga after 45 really fast kilometres, were I ate a drop-in dinner at my grandparents place. On the long, straight roads, I usually averaged as fast as 32 km/h, and at the end of the day I think I stopped around 27 km/h in total average for the whole day. It took less than 5 hours, including one dinner stop and one pause, from Örebro to Västerås. It was a joy to ride!

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