To Russia and back

We woke up at 0700 after a good nights sleep.The plan were to go to the border as early as possible, so that we could start driving into Russia.


One hour driving later, we were at the border. Everyone knew it was going to take some time, and we managed all the normal procedures. Soon, we  had left Latvia, and actually entered into Russia. We just encountered one small problem.


Even though we had the papers for one drive per car, that was not enough. As we had one owner for all the cars, we needed some special papers from a notary, and that, we needed from Latvia. We actually were in Russia, but had to turn back, annulate our entrance and pass the border and toll into Latvia again. After a total of around eight hours, we were back where we started.

During the queuing, I found a guy who could help us found an adress, and also call to the notary, so we knew the opening times. Really helpful and nice guy!

When we arrived at the notary in Rezekne, the time was 1620. Apparently, that was too late, as she was going home at 1700 whatever we said. She did not have the time to help us after five, and was not interested in extra pay. She helped us get in touch with some other places, though, so we went to another house, where no one even opened. We tried to call another one, and finally found one which at least could help us the next day. Better than Monday, so we started planning for that.

As we now had time, and for the second day in a row did not have time or place for lunch, we went out for dinner. We tried another place, which was closed, and therefore went back to the pizza place. After making sure the waitress had understood we did not want any dill, greenery or basil (as it all was dill), we got some pizzas tasting much better than yesterday.

After that, we went back to the same camping spot as yesterday, as it was already pretty late, and it was on the way to Ludza, where we were going first thing next day. We played some volleyball (isch), made a fire and some people bathed.


Hopefully we will be able to enter Russia for real tomorrow!

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