Into Russia (second attempt)

While eating breakfast, some Russian guy backed down to the water for some reason. We pulled him up, off course, which was no problem with those cars.


After the morning routine we went to Ludza to get the papers. I stayed with the cars, and the others managed to find a guy from Russia, Alexander, who could help us translate. He was moving to Germany apparently, and he was good help for us!


As we waited for the papers, we went around in the city. We found a small flea market, and then continued to an old ruin from a castle.


We ate lunch on the way back, and then managed to get our papers after twelve. Hopefully this would be what we needed to get into Russia!


We fueled the cars and bought some more food before trying at the border again. We met one woman from yesterday in the toll, who laughing told us “Good luck!”.

After some hassle, we got through! Now, we tried to take as many kilometres as possible with stops to withdraw money, fill the tanks (cheap diesel here) and to eat dinner. We had to point, but managed to get the food we wanted in the end, more or less.


When it started to get dark we went looking for a place to sleep at, sadly with no lake, but still many mosquitos.

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