See where we are (link at end of post)

Same morning as usual, starting with breakfast, and continuing with me driving pre noon. Our first stop for the day was at a small lake where we bathed.   


We drove through a really small village with lots of food places along the road. There were also cows along the road, and I am pretty sure that is where our food came from.



In the village, I happened to see a strange fix of a roof. I guess if it works, it is good!

At the next big super market, we did a re-stock of our food, and also tried to buy hand sanitiser. After being to a pharmacy, where we got a no, we tried another shop. Then back to the pharmacy, where we managed to find three small bottles of different brands. We took them all, so you could say we emptied the stock.

As we continued, I saw another bicycle tourer along the road. Did not have time to stop and talk with him, though! 

In the evening, we had the same routine as usual. We are two ”food teams” which alter from day to day, so this night we had the evening off, more or less.

I have to admit it gets a little bit on my nerves, more or less the same routine everyday. It is understandable, as this first part of the expedition concentrates on Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, so we are driving pretty long distances every day. Also, I am obviously not feeling as free as I did while biking, as we are a group of eleven people with limited time, and an actual destination we have to get to.

When I felt like not doing something while biking, the only person that would feel the consequences of my actions would be myself. That is a really easy way to live, as I could sleep when tired, cook when hungry and also eat whatever I wanted to. If I didn’t want to cook a ”real” meal, I didn’t have to. I could simply buy some fresh tortellini and eat it straight out of the package.
It will really be interesting to continue this trip, and test this way of traveling!


Also, a link to see where we are, more or less updated!