Attack of the mosquitoes!

I think this was the first morning I woke up without having an exceedingly warm tent. We had opened the ventilation a bit more, and there were also a bit windy outside, so you could actually sleep until breakfast! (And maybe oversleep a bit.)

 Photo by Fredrik Arnell 

As we lived on a steppe, we did not really have any good, private places for bathrooms. Therefore, first thing after breakfast, we stopped before the main road at a place which had some trees so people could go.

For lunch, we ate at a restaurant with a funny looking animal on the wall inside. I had an idea of trying to wash my clothes in my water bag. It may be an bad idea, as I do not know if i can get it 100% clean when I come home, but it may be a good idea, as I never use it as a water bag but would need an easy way to wash my clothes. This way, I put my underwear inside, filled it with hot water and some washing detergent, sealed it and shook it. After an hour, I changed to clean water, and put it in the back of the car as we went. 

When driving, this is the usual view, as the steppe off Kazakstan really is scarce.

We had a place in mind for the night, and the road out there were really bad. As it did not go fast, we took the chance to surf on the outside of the cars. It was really fun, and made the time go a little bit faster, as the few kilometres suddenly took an hour. I also got the chance to drive off-road ”for real” for the first time, testing the low gear and driving through sand. The cars are real beasts, and I don’t think they will be any problem during this trip!


Out on the steppe, we saw a small part of a ruin. There were not many parts of the house left!

It looked like there had been electrical poles here before, and Jakob took the opportunity to style!


After driving through a small village we found a tiny lake. As we went for a bath, we discovered what seemed to be turtles in the water, popping up their heads above the water every now and then. Some in the group said they saw shells, so turtles would be the right guess!


I hanged the clothes, which seemed to be at least more clean than before. There is a chance this actually worked well, without having to do too much work!

Suddenly, we got attacked by an tremendous amount of mosquitos. From nowhere, there were suddenly thousands, and panic unfolded. Everyone packed everything we had to as fast as possible, before heading into their tents respective cars. We did not get many mosquitos inside, which some else did, but we did hear the sound of them all night.