Soviet missile silos

According to Fredrik, we had apparently missed the main attraction. As some of us had to make dinner yesterday, we all went out on a tour again. This time, we got even more spectacular views than yesterday!

 The main attraction, the silos, were really cool to see. As this is not a tourist place, you are free to walk everywhere, and we found our way down under the ground, with exits out into the silos, many, many rooms, and new exits!



When we left, we had a grasshopper invasion. Every small dot you see is a grasshopper, they were really swarming! 

The roads were still bad, and we continued going on- and off road, depending on the quality on the tarmac and dirt road.
More or less everywhere, you could see groups of graves along the road. We stopped and took a look at one of the places, with all the different graves in it.

 Something else we have got used to is all the animals crossing or standing around the road. Sometimes there are someone looking after the herd, sometimes it looks like the animals are just free walking.

We found a small mountain for the night, which we drove upon. There were good views of the surroundings, and really nice nature. There were a good breeze, so that it would not be too hot in the tent.

After the dinner, I went up to the top to write some more and also called Eli and talked a bit, which was really nice. The way down was a little bit scary, though, as I went a little bit too much north. I had the road to stop me if I would walk too far, but I did not want to have to walk down and road. After doing a sharp right-turn I managed to get to the right hill, and suddenly I had the cars in front of me again.

I like the turns the trip has done, and even if there are some downs, the ups greatly outweigh them!