Dust and grilled chicken

 I drove down from the mountain, and we continued on the pretty bad road. We passed a small river, so that was the first eye I drove through here!

There were not really much to do or see on the way, so we drove until we arrived in a city where we were going to eat lunch, shop and fill up gas in. As we wanted to save on time, we split in three groups; I and Mikael went to order food at a place we saw on the way. On the way there, we saw a pretty cool mosque.

We managed to order food for ten people, and then the two guys at the place started talking with us. They wanted to take photos of us with our cameras, and to take selfies with their cameras.

We got the food pretty quick, to our surprise. So far, we always had to wait at least half an hour, but today it was fifteen minutes. We contacted the others through radio and SMS so that they would know the lunch was ready.

The only small problem, is that we only seemed to get three plates for ten people, which would be nowhere as much as we needed. We tried to order two big plates more, but got one smaller plate, probably for two people. After a third order, we thought it would at least be food enough, and gave up on ordering more.
When we were done eating, we took the chance to fill up our ”shower bags” with tap water, a total of 80 litres of water.
We continued on (or the side of) the not-so-good road. On the way, we picked up every bigger piece of wood we could find, as we were going to grill tonight!

As it does not rain much down here, there were dust everywhere in the air, and while driving it really went everywhere.

When we arrived at our camp for the night out in the nowhere, we started collecting whatever burning material we could find. Emil and I found a big log, pretty dry, which we also brought to the camp. It was really easy to find easy-burning material to start with, which also makes you look like an elk!

I started the fire, and then me and Emil grilled the chicken the others had cut up. The log didn’t really burn, but the other material we had were enough! 

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