Baikonur Cosmodrome

We did not do much today, as the earlier days of bad roads took longer than expected. Therefore, this day was more of a transport day!
At lunch time we were close to the Russian rent part of Kazakstan, Baykonur, where every space launch from Russia and Soviet was launched. We ate lunch at the kind of Russian city close by, and drove by close enough to get some photos!

We had some problems buying gas in Kyzylorda, but at the third try we found a petrol station, which of course has a big line as everyone wanted to fill up gas there.
When we tried to find a camp, we first found ourselves following a canal and then going in a circle back to the highway. The second time we went off, we managed to find a secluded place in between some dunes!


When Jakob is too tired to drive, Jackiie takes over!

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