Punctures and burned shirts

After a beautiful morning we went over the mountain pass. We passed a ruin which we drove to check out, and met a family who lived down from the ruin. They told us about a waterfall nearby, and after checking out the ruin we continued along the road until we came to an end. Jakob went looking for the waterfall, but as he could not find anything, we decided to drive back.

DSC_6598 DSC_6602
We had lunch on the steppe, and actually got some rain and thunder today. It was pretty chilly, but I would not define it as cold, before the rain came down upon us.
The roads were better than expected and we got ahead pretty fast. As it started raining even more we decided to eat out instead of cooking our own food.


We met a couple of drunkards at the place, and one of them were pretty annoying, trying to talk with us all the time while waiting for the food.

When backing out, it went pretty slow, and we discovered a puncture in the rear-left tire of the defender.

DSC_6615We started to change the tire, and found out we had a mechanic on the other side. While changing tire, we rolled over the punctured tire to get it fixed on the other side. They did it pretty fast and pretty cheap, and we tried to talk with them in the meantime!

The spot we decided to camp at for the night had a really nice background view to look at while playing some card games.
My shirt had started to rip too much, which was understandable. I got it second hand from one of my hosts during the bike trip, who I lived at in Belgium. I think the sun during those trips has not been nice to it, and weakened it during all this time. I gave it a nice end at least! (Thank you for the shirt, Anne and Didier! The shirt has been a really good travel companion!)



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