Silver and mountains

Down the mountain and into Bishkek, we drove to the hostel where we would sleep in a few nights. There, we picked up the long lost Pontus again, and also Björn, who would stay with us for a few days. The hostel seemed really nice with a pool, washing machine and all, and I think we will have some good days here later!
As this was more or less half the trip we went to change the oil and clean the cars. Because of all the dust we have been driving through, every time you put something inside the car, it gets dirty, including ourselves.

 We found out there were a lunch place on the same place we were washing the cars, and decided to order our food there to save time, as they could have it ready when we were ready.

After lunch we headed outwards from the city. We were headed for the Yurt Camp, and as we did not know how much food they would have, we wanted to have a backup. Once again, they started out not believing us when we told them that we wanted big volumes of everything, but after we emptied their stock of water, I think they understood. We also bought some ice creams, but pretty soon after eating it I started to feel bad.
We drove 80 kilometres east, before heading south, up into the mountains. We had another 40 kilometre to the Yurt camp, and passed bad roads and unstable bridges on the way. We started climbing, and passed 2000 metres after a while. Now, we encountered problems, though.
There were a big hole where the road used to be, and a couple of digging machines around it. After talking with the people working there, we got it clear that they had made findings of silver and gold, and decided that the road were not that important. He told us about another road, which we decided to try, not knowing if it was the same Yurt camp or not.
After driving down for a while, and continuing on another road up again, we were pretty sure that this places did not exist within comfortable reach, and as we did not have any clue if they still existed at all, we decided to skip it. We found a nice spot by a river where we put up camp.
As my stomach had gotten worse, with some nausea and stomach pains, I stayed in the back of the car and slept. I did not feel like having dinner at all, and therefore skipped it, sleeping until I went up to brush my teeth and go sleep in the tent instead. 

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