Picking people up

We started by going down the mountain and back into the city again.


We looked for a mechanic so that we could refill grease in the cars. We also looked for a weapon shop as we tried to find some archery equipment. We could not find any bows, though, but a lot of different guns.


We managed to find a mechanic close to where we parked as we looked for the weapon shop, and while the cars were getting greased, the rest of us explored the shopping mall close by. It was a three story shopping mall, with lots of arcades on the top, and even bumper cars! I bought a kinder egg and some ice tea, while surfing around the web and waiting for the cars to get done.



After that, we finally went to the hostel. We met up with Catharina, Joakim and Eric, who would follow us for the next three weeks!

We went out for lunch, as everyone were really hungry since it was three o’clock. We went to a pretty nice place, where Pontus and Björn had been eating a couple of times while they were waiting for us.

The rest of the day I stayed at the hostel. We started with some laundry, and everybody started showering, as there had been some days since last time. I wrote four-five blog posts as I was behind schedule (and always will be). While using the computer and checking my junk mail, I saw a mail I had received from the booking of the Yurt camp, where he had told us to contact him for information about navigating there. As it had gone to the junk mail we had not seen it, but that was a little late now.

I met a really nice guy at the hostel, named Zack, who had been traveling abroad from the US for three years, with a small brake for one christmas. He had been living in Malaysia for six months and had been travelling to most of Asia and a little bit of everywhere in the world. Really cool guy, and I had a pleasant time talking to him!

For dinner, we ordered pizza with delivery to the hostel. Some went away to buy something to drink, and while away, the owner of the hostel, Chris, asked ”What soda do you want to your pizzas?”. I said coke and fanta, and he came back again; ”There is seven bottles.How do you want to mix it?”. We ended up with too much soda, and the pizzas were twice the size we were used to, so we could not manage eat up that either.

After staying up until two o´clock, chatting with Björn and Pontus and writing on the blog, I stole Björns old bed in the room with AC. He would sleep inside as he would have to leave at half past four, which suited me perfect – the room without AC were too hot, and sleeping outside had been my backup plan too.

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