Fast-track register

This was another border-pass day. As they looked through my pictures last time, I switched SD-cards this time, and took some really bad pictures by just photographing everything I could in two minutes, which gave me 48 bad pictures. This it the ones looking best, one of Catharina and Henrik, and one of the border (kind of):

DSC_6985 DSC_7009

We had to walk over again, which went by half an hour or something. The cars got stuck behind someone though, as they checked the car before really throughly; they took everything apart and looked in all the bags, while they did not check us that much. It took some time, but after a long wait the cars came through!

We drove to Almaty, where we would register us. We were pretty lucky, it seems; Fredrik went in to check, and left his passport, followed by a few more. As it seems they though it was just a couple, they did it pretty fast, while they saw other passports lying in big boxes in the background. They did seem to get less and less happy when we added more and more passports, though. but it went by really fast!

After a dinner at the place on the opposite side of the street, we drove north for a while before stopping for the night.

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