Circles and moons

In the morning, we visited a lake to bath. The view was really nice, with cool mountains in the background!


The first bath place we found, which looked nice, we were showed away from as someone having a restaurant up the beach wanted 10000 som for us to bath there (140 euro). We went to a more stony place, and no further problem arose!

As we continued, we found a place which seemed good for lunch. While Fredrik was in to check the place, Birte started driving in a circle. Soon, all the cars followed, which gave Fredrik a laugh when he came out again.


From the lunch place, we got a good view of the lake. There were also some small dogs who seemed to live around that place, and they were so small and cute!

Untitled-1 DSC_7046

While driving further, we passed an airbase. Their hangars looked pretty cool, but I did not manage to catch any planes on camera.


As usual, we had to buy food during the day. I, Pontus and Michael went around to get some fruits and greens,  which were pretty easy.


I saw a “DVD player and mobile phone” shop, and though maybe they had more technical stuff. My keyboard on the notebook is not always functioning properly, and I have been thinking of buying an external keyboard. I asked in there, even though they could not speak english, and at least got to know I should ask for a “claviatur”, and also that there is another shop where I maybe could find one. I ran there,and the woman behind the counter had four different keyboards laying around. I bought a small one, which also was the cheapest, for only 7 euro. Really nice!


We drove the rest of the day until it was getting late, and we went out on the steppe to set up camp.


, and in the evening we had a beautiful moon rise over the horizon.