China and railroad cars

We were the closest to China that we would ever be during this trip, with only 40 kilometres between us and the pretty high border.

There was time to stop at a market to buy more groceries. On our way, we saw a guy who looked like he was trying to open a package by throwing it at the ground. I think a scissor would have been easier!

As usual, we found people who wanted us to take photos of them, or with them. I was in for buying something in a small shop, and it did not take long before they asked me to take their photo! They were nice to try to speak with at least, and they wanted me to send them the photo. I gave them my e-mail so maybe they will contact me to get it in the future.

During the afternoon, we were going to drive on some smaller roads. They appeared to sometimes be no roads at all, and we drove ”the wrong way” at least once.

At a small waterhole we found what looked like a part from an airplane, which now were used to fill up with ground water for animals to drink.

When we arrived at the bigger lake we aimed at, it started raining, which made us run bak into the cars for cover. There were not really a beach there, and so we drove further. We stopped another time, where it started raining again, and continued again. At the next stop we saw something that would really make us stop, though!

There were an old railroad car, laying by the lake. We also found an old car, and what looked like a part of a boat. We decided to stop here for the night instead of trying to driver further after bathing, and therefore had much time for bathing and cooking food.

   We had a really nice view, and everything were well, until the wind started. Chairs tipped over and we had problems keeping our stuff on the tables, and put the Defender as a wind screen. It helped against the wind but instead the turbulence made the sand whirl up and into everything. We decided to move a couple of hundred metres inland to get some less wind, which at least helped a bit!

Hej lilla Fridis!