Merry go round!

This was mainly a transport day. When we stopped for food, we met some small children from the kindergarten wall-to-wall. First, they was photographed, before getting angry at Michael.
We found a really fun playground outside, though, where I and Joakim (the new Joakim) played for a while, spinning round and round!

At lunch, there were a river which looked really nice. This was the first time we ate porridge this trip, probably as it was really easy to clean afterwards. We met two local guys whom we treated some porridge, but the guy who tried it did not seem pleased, even though he said it was nice.
We stopped at another tank, like the one we saw the first days in Russia.

Other than that, not much happened. Two policemen looked really happy while waving us further instead of stopping us, and in the evening we had lots of lightning.