Abandoned airport

This morning was the second time I switched car, now over to ├ľken. Earlier I had been in Gecko, and started in Deffis. Defies is a Land Rover Defender, while ├ľken and Gecko are Toyota Landcruisers.

The morning had a really nice sky, and with the steppe, it looked like a great opportunity to take a good photo!

We had some museums and monuments in mind this day. The museum did not open, so we skipped that in the end, and moved on to some monuments. First, we saw a monument which we did not really now what it was about. It was close to the river, where a fisherman were walking out.

After that we visited the monuments which were in honour of the ones suffering after the test bombings with nuclear weapons. The park looked great, but it kind of felt like they put too much money into this, when the country felt poor.

 For lunch we tried some pirogues which tasted terrific. It was probably also the cheapest lunch yet! After some shopping, the journey continued.
When at the hostel, we had found a big abandoned airport where we now were headed. We started by driving out on the large airstrip.

We then continued with looking at some of the hangars, which some of them were dug out, while others were more intact. None were in good condition inside, though.

 We continued to a couple of houses, one in which we found a hole to an underground walk, maybe 50 metres long. The second house seemed to be industrial, maybe coal.

           Then we started exploring the houses looking more like homes, or maybe schools and working quarters. We managed to find our way up to the second level on one of them, but saw through a window how there were a building you could probably get up on the roof at!

         Driving to the next part, we met a guy who was waiting for the rain to stop. He had a cool Ural motorbike!

After we had been running around for a few hours we continued to the next city, where there would be another museum. The place we had our GPS at were some sort of military place, though, so we started looking for dinner instead. This was a really small village, and when the only police we met saw us, he came and started talking with us. He was really nice and showed us to a restaurant, probably where he eats lunch sometimes, as it was really close to the police station.

When trying to get out of the city, there were a train on the train crossing which seemed to have some problems with getting where it should. It drove a little bit to the left, and then back to the right, to the left again, and to the right. I think we were standing there more than ten minutes, until the train managed to drive by!