Back to Russia

It was a short day. We woke up in the small valley we had pitched camp in, now with a little bit more sun!

Today we would cross the border to Russia. From earlier experiences, we decided to eat before, as you never know how long it will take.

The border went exceptionally fast and after 2.5 hours we were through. We met a Kazakh guy who talked cleaner than we did; apparently he had lived in USA for a time.
When we went through our papers and passport. Pontus was talking to Fredrik. The border control guards said ”Pontus?”, and when Pontus looked to them, and they started laughing! We did not understand bout what, but they laughed so they got tears in their eyes, literally! Before, they would hush us, but now their colleague had to hush them instead. We still do not know what this is about.
We drove 40 kilometres from the border and pitched camp. We even had the time to cook food and start eating, before the border control and police appeared. We were too close to the border, and they wanted us to drive another 50 kilometres to a hotel. As it was pretty late and the police seemed to freeze, he drove us to the city where he lived, told us to continue to the city and said good bye. We drove a bit more before pitching camp at a new spot.