Adventures and bubble baths

As we would have to register us in Russia, we did it early. We drove the small distance to Omsk, and started by going to a bank office to exchange currency. The first place did not like some of the bills for some reason, with the serial number on them being the only difference we could see. The next place happily exchanged everything but coins, though!

We went for lunch at a restaurant where you pointed at what you wanted, and you payed by the kilo instead of per portion. We got a pretty long recipe in the end.
To register, you have to live one night at a hotel with registration capabilities. We drove to an Ibis hotel where we checked in, and after moving our cars to a guarder parking place we were free to do what we wanted. After showering I and Jakob gave the hotel some clothes for washing, and then went out to explore some of the city.

Mostly, we visited shopping malls, but also bought some new SIM-cards for Russia. It took some time to first find someone who could speak english, then reviewing the options and third, register the SIM-cards at a passport and connect everything in the right way. After little more than one hour Jakob, Joakim and I had SIM-cards for all Russia with enough credit for the last weeks. It was also really nice to speak with the shop assistant, you don’t find english speaking people here very often!

At 1900 we met up up with the others to go out for dinner together. We had gotten our clothes back, and Jakob’s beige t-shirt were white again, something we did not expect.

When the group were assembled we went out to a grill/bar-place. This was the first time everyone had showered and put on the nicest clothes people had with them, since the start of this trip!

The food was nice, and there were plenty of alternatives in both the food- and the drinking area. Pontus had found someone on Tinder who were living in Omsk, and our plan were to enjoy a good meal and then continue to a nightclub Pontus were told about.

While walking to the nightclub, me and Joakim managed to lose the other eight we were walking with. After walking for ten minutes and not finding them we were pretty sure we would not be able to find them. Therefore; new plan!
I asked some guy if they knew anything about some sort of party, and if they could drive us there. They said they could for 100 rebel (1.6 EUR) and we jumped into their car. Suddenly, Joakim saw something; our hotel! Without a real plan, we asked them to stop here instead, so we could plan our next move. 
We met some new people to talk with who were living at the same hotel as us, but they were going to bed as they were there on a school excursion. Around the corner we found another woman who we started talking with, as she could speak english. She was working as a wedding hostess and she and her manager was closing down for the night (pretty late already). After a while she had the idea to party at her place, which was fine by me. Four people would make it more controlled than going somewhere with a lot of people we didn’t know.

When Slava was finished, we left in Juliya’s car. On the way, we made a stop for some shopping, and she bought juice and sushi, and I picked some snickers (always good to have).
When we came to her house, I was exalted. It was a real old apartment building from the soviet area, and I would party in it! This was much better than going out to some noisy nightclub; this felt more real. When we had entered her apartment I saw something even better; she owned a bubble bath! I may have been pretty excited, but even though I had showered earlier, I did not really feel that clean She said I could use it later, and I gotta say I really like the mindset of Juliya!

We sat and talked, drinked and ate until late. She had been travelling to a lot of places a little bit everywhere, as she thought the people back here were pretty boring and always looked unhappy (pretty true, I gotta admit). At two-something I got to take that bath, and wow, I even felt clean when I woke up.
This night was really awesome, and I am really happy that I got the chance to enter someones home in this way! Thank you, Juliya and Slava, for a really nice night!