Getting back to the hotel

I woke up, sure of that we were late. I looked at the clock, which was 0830, and felt pretty relieved, as we had a meeting time of 0900. I had put my alarm as early as 0655, not getting waked up by it, and instead Joakim had woken up one room afar, turned it off and gone back to bed after setting a new alarm.

DSC_7315 DSC_7316

Juliya and Joakim had already called a taxi, and we were maybe 15 minutes late to the meeting after packing our bags at the hotel room. The others were fetching the cars, so we were not really late, and now the Snickers came in handy as a quick breakfast.


Goodbye Juliya!

I knew I would not drive today, and I was really sleepy, so I put myself in a comfortable place in the backseat. I slept until lunch, with just waking up a few times during the drive.


After lunch there were two guys who really looked at our Defender, with good reason, as they had parked another one side-by-side. Even though ours are from 1997-something, while their are from 2014, they really looked alike, with the same mud spray from the rear wheel!


I more or less slept the rest of the day to try and replenish some energy.

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