Late brunch – so hungry!

It rained when we woke up and we decided to eat breakfast in Tyumen instead of making it ourselves. We started with getting from our camping place. There had been rain, and the roads were really muddy! We were more or less drifting our way through the roads and the cars were not clean afterwards!

DSC_7342 DSC_7344

At eleven we finally ate brunch at some pretty fancy place, which had everything. I ordered a steak, pancakes and some toast, with some orange juice. As this would be semi-lunch I did not want to get hungry later!


After the brunch we took a walk around Tyumen for a bit. We found a fake IKEA, which looked like they bought IKEA-stuff and sold it. They also sold shoes at 50% off, so it was definitely not a real IKEA!

DSC_7346 DSC_7358

When we were going to leave Tyumen, Henric and Catharina told us they were going to make a small trip by themselves and meet us in Yekaterineburg a couple of days later as they wanted some more sightseeing and such. Then, we were only ten!

On our way out we passed what looked like an airport with really huge helicopters. I wonder what they use them for, but I have not seen that huge helicopters back home.


The weather continued to be pretty bad, but between the downpour we pitched camp for the night.