Reverse on the highway

Before taking down camp, we took a small walk to get some photos of the village. It looked really old and abandoned in the mist!

DSC_7491 DSC_7500Our next goal was Ekaterinburg, where we would meet up with Henric and Catharina again, but before that we went to a building with a lookout on the top.



You could actually see our cars from up there, as we had parked in a convenient spot. As we had seen a big part of the trip through russia, there were people getting married here too, using the lookout for their wedding pictures. Sadly, it was a pretty gray day, but at least the brides clothes shined!

DSC_7525The meeting with Henric and Catharina would be at an Uzbek restaurant, which we had found in Lonely Planet. As it was only a couple of kilometres away we walked there instead of trying to find new parking spots for the cars again. On our way there we saw art and graffiti a little bit of everywhere, including the entrance for Turtles!

DSC_7535 DSC_7539After eating lunch and meeting up with the pair again, we were a full group for now. The food was tasty, and as usual I did not really know what I ate. We got some sort of small jelly desserts though, which were so sweet we could not eat them up! Raw sugar would have been easier.


Our stock were getting pretty low, so we stopped for one hopefully last big shopping spree. It took a lot of time, and while we were at the end of it, I went by Mediamarkt to buy myself a pair of better headphones. Until now I had borrowed Birte’s, and I though she should get them back sometime.

After we had checked out from the supermarket, we ended up with another pretty long recipe.DSC_7559At this point, we were actually still in Asia. That would soon change, though!

As the border between Asia and Europe is the Ural mountains, it is hard to really know when you pass the border. We passed one of the EurAsia-monuments today though, and decided to take a look at it. The small problem was that we saw it too late, and after some talking on the Walkie Talkie we decided to back up the ~60 metres to the parking!

Many people go here to marry, or before/after the wedding, to show that they are one even though they are from different continents, and bond together over borders. Or something like that.


Then, we took hundreds of photos with different poses, kisses over the border and people standing on their hands with one hand on each side!

DSC_7579There were one more thing we would like to visit today, as there were a red river nearby. The first times we went over the river it was not really looking red, though, but we drove into the forest to explore. In the end, we found a small river which looked really orange/reddish. We followed the road a bit more, until we arrived at a small lake!

DSC_7590 DSC_7591Which someone happened to step into…

DSC_7596As we needed to find a place to pitch camp at, we continued driving in the woods. The road were as good as usual, as it had been raining, raining and raining…

DSC_7602We found a spot which, by itself, looked really bad. The ground was not nice, and there were garbage in the woods. As it was late, we decided to camp there anyway, and when the sun broke through we got ourselves some really nice pictures! This is just one of them, it looked really magical in reality.


I was still feeling as I missed something from this adventure. It was just not feeling perfectly right.

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