Muddy off-road!

After a nice breakfast, we got to use the sauna. As expected it was really warm, and I built pretty clever. There is a fire in the ”shower room”, which makes the sauna hot, and also heats the water for ”showering”. When you threw water into the steam thing, it really built pressure inside, and shot steam right out. Genja warned us to not stand in front of it, and we understood why!

For those who felt like it, you could have a cleansing bath afterwards. You are supposed to put yourself under water three times, or something like that. The water was something like 6 degrees, and I did not feel like it. Some were brave enough, though!


We went into the monastery again, and bought candles which we placed at one icon each.

DSC_7772 DSC_7775

After eating lunch and packing everything, we went on our way again. This time you could see a bit more!


Fredrik had a plan of going off road, and it was really muddy. It had been raining pretty much in the last week, and after a while it went even worse. As it could be a question of stopping and digging, and there were no ways to get out from this road. Therefore, we decided to turn around, which we did at a small house where we could use the road. We went down to talk with the house owner for a bit, and I really liked the house!


When making the turn, the defender slipped down into the small ditch. It could not get out of there on its own, so we had to pull it up. The first time failed, as the first, rather cheap, line broke. The second time, after a few meters of going side-ways in the ditch, and me driving side-ways on the road, the ditch ended, and the defender came out of it.


As we arrived in a city, we drove out to a small pier and had a look. It had probably been much more nice looking a few years ago, but today it was pretty broken.

We went out from the city and stopped at a restaurant to eat, before starting to look for a camping spot. We went through a storage for wheat and the likes, and after a small stop to enable the 4-wheel drive on all the cars, we came out on a pretty open place. 


We followed the small road until it started going downhill, which could have been a problem with all the mud. The place we stopped at were good enough, and we decided for it to be our camp site. We had a small race down the hill, which ended with me having really muddy trousers. Good fun, though!

Jakob had a kind of fire show, so that we could try and get some nice photos. I managed to get a couple of cool photos, some which you can see here!

DSC_7820 DSC_7823 DSC_7831

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