Arriving in Moscow!

I still had some food left from Kazan, so I didn’t have to go hungry. When going off the train I almost managed to walk away in the one-use slippers from the train, but the mother reminded me, so after snapping a photo of them, I went back to get them. Would have been… interesting to lose my shoes.DSC_7963

As I was connected to Juliya I got some tips of what to do, and also tried to google. I went down the tube, managed to buy a 5-ticket or something, and started my sightseeing. I started with going to a Karl Marx statue, where I also ate most of the food I had left. The rest, some fruit, I gave to someone who seemed to need it, as I didn’t want to carry it anymore. I am not good at history, so most of it I read on the phone while being there, or had Juliya translate for me.


After that I went to the Red Square. I was totally unprepared, but as I still had the help, I knew more or less what I was looking at, and that I should go into the Lenin mausoleum! After a trip around the square and the necessary photos, I waited for the mausoleum to open. He really looked alive, which was quite scary, and I am glad I visited!






As the GUM Department Store is next to the Red Square, I also visited that one. From being a communist building converted to a luxury shopping mall is a pretty big transition.


Next stop was the Arbat walking street, which offered a nice wander. I took a break at ”My-my” (Mu-mu), as I already had walked pretty far. Also saw some sort of advertising thing, I think.


Soon, it was time to meet with my first ”guide”, whom Juliya had contacted for me. I went to meet her at a really cool subway station, located on a bridge!



She first took me to a park with some memorials from old space programs, and then the USSR-park, which was a bit like a show-off from the USSR-countries. It also had some exhibitions about space, cars and military, and we ate some good pancakes there!







She showed me the way to the hostel so that I could lay off my bag, before we went out for more walking. I was starting to get really tired in my legs, but I managed to see a bit more, at least! Among other things we went by a church, the Peter the Great statue in the river and some well-known night clubs, where I got to see a car getting lifted away. Effective way of getting the cars off of the street, instead of clamping them!




As I now was really tired in both legs, back and brain, she followed me back to the hostel, where I went to bed. I slept pretty long, which was really nice, something I did not have had the time to do in a while.