Swedes and Russians driving around in Moscow

I woke up at around ten o’clock, still feeling pretty tired. I didn’t really have a plan and just took the time to surf around a bit while getting awake. Suddenly someone asked me something like ”Did you have fun yesterday?”, but in Swedish. I was too tired to actually even notice it wasn’t English, and answered in Swedish before coming to my mind. We started talking, and thing guy was on his way east, away from home, while I was going west, back home. He had just started his trip, which was the first big one he had ever done! He told me the brakfast at the hostel sucked, so nothing to do there. I had gotten a tip about a place named Breakfast Cafe from Katya, so I wanted to check that out, and he gladly joined me. We walked by the Red Square and the Kremlin on the way, and this time I could even tell him a bit of history I learnt yesterday! On the way there, we also passed by what I think is a memorial for soldiers.



We decided to walk there, which in hindsight probably was not the most awesome idea. It was really far away, and we couldn’t even find it by GPS, so we asked about the way. After following a lady and her husband for a while, we managed to find the place. I was starving as I had not eaten anything yet, and the clock was around twelve. Therefore, I ordered two plates of food, even though it was pretty expensive. Soon I would understand why it was, though.


Those pancakes were so much, that one more or less filled me up. Then the second one came in. At least we didn’t have to leave hungry! It was really good food, too! I would love to eat it again, if I would ever return.


I felt like getting back to the hostel again, still a bit tired in my legs. Thanks so Slava, I would meet a friend of his, who would bring another friend. I asked if Alen would like to join, and the four of us would meet later!


Back at the hostel, I met some people to talk with. One of them I think had worked with selling Toyota Land cruisers down in Africa, and the other was here on a dance event for a few days. It was a nice chat, and also one of the reasons to live at a hostel.

In the evening, we went out on a small walk, close to the Kremlin, just looking around, before getting to a library nearby to meet the girls up. While waiting we saw people feeding the pigeons, who really swarmed around them.


Neither me nor Alen knew what people we were looking for, so we just looked around and tried to look like we were waiting for people. They were a bit late, but we managed to see two people who looked like they were looking for someone, and we went over to greet them. Viky and Ilona had both been studying in Moscow and were living in town. We didn’t really have a plan, and just asked to follow them around instead. They took us on a sightseeing, for example by the opera in the picture.


We got to see a couple of view points of the city, and also the university of Moscow. The coolest thing, though, were to actually speak about life in russia, with someone who is at about the same age.




We also took a shortcut down a grass area, where we were nice enough to help them down. High heels is not recommended in mud!


Then, they showed us a street racing meeting that was held in town! The legal aspect was so-so, but the police don’t stop them. I first thought I actually saw one of the off road-cars there, thinking why they would take that risk, but coming closer I started see differences in color and gear. Still pretty funny, and the owner liked my pictures from my trip!


Off course people were doing what people usually do at car meetings, including dancing on top of cars and doing burn outs (maybe not the same car at the same time). The atmosphere was awesome, and so many motorbikes also!



We continued the sightseeing, and after another stop, I got to drive! It’s quite a difference driving 3 ton cars in a caravan versus driving a small vehicle through the city. Not as hectic as I thought it would be, at least, and no Russian accidents.


I drove to Ilonas apartment, and the original plan was to get out. It was already pretty late, though, around midnight, so we decided to go out the next day instead. We chilled around, pouring some drinks and talking, instead, and me and Alen got to sleep in the sofa bed instead of having to get back to the hostel!