The best worst decisions!

We slept until pretty late, and started making plans for the day. The plan was to eat ”breakfast”, or probably lunch, somewhere in the city, then split ways so I could get a pair of less dirty trousers (mine were muddy from a mud race a week back) and fix us up as good as possible before going out to dance somewhere.




Good morning, cat!


View from the apartment building

Viky and Ilona took us to some place where we ordered pizza for lunch. They drove us back to the hostel afterwards, where I and Alen went to a small shopping mall to get me a pair of jeans. I found a cheap place where I paid maybe 15 euro for a pair that was fitting pretty well. As I still had a clean t-shirt I didn’t have to worry about that.



Passed by this so many times. Good location of the hostel!

To get a bit more fresh, I wanted some stuff from the car. They lived at a hotel a couple of kilometres away, so I went there with their directions posted to me. About going a round for a while I finally found the right street, and a really good-looking car! Apparently, they had not attached the balloons, so no one knew where they were from.


Back to the Hostel to fix myself up. In the evening Viky, Ilona and a friend of theirs joined us for a small pre-party at the hostel before they took us to a club. We stayed there for a while, dancing and having fun, and then going to another club. Alen managed to spill a burning B-52 and I accidentally ordered a ”Captain Jäger”. Not the best thing in the world.

There were some adventures during the night, and I came back to the hostel at 07.40. I was really tired and thought that I could sleep half an hour before going to the others place, as the cars would leave Moscow at 0900. This was my foolishest decision this whole trip.


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