Most bad happenings lead to new adventures

10.39 the hostel personel came into the room to wake up another person. My first feeling was ”fuuuuuuu-”. I was awake in less then a minute, and started calling my friends, even though I already knew what had happened.

Earlier in my life I’ve missed some transportations. A train from Gothenburg, a flight from Spain. The Spain one was back in 2006. I was 15 and panicked.

This time there was no panic. There was only focus. Find the task, solve the problem, move on, as fast as possible. I knew where the cars were headed. I had to get to the same place they were camping at, or ahead of them, at a place where they could pick me up. After packing my stuff I went to check out.

At the same time Alen entered the hostel. He was also tired, but as he was also leaving (but east instead of north-west), I told him to pack his things as fast as possible and follow me to the train station. We were out in less than fifteen minutes, including the papers we needed to get out of the country which was a testimony that we had stayed at the hostel.

Apparently my train would leave from the same station as Alens (there were five in the area). His would leave a couple of hours later, so he followed me to try and get a ticket for me. The cashier did not speak english, and I was so tired at this moment, and had problems trying to communicate ”fast and/or cheap train to Sankt Petersburg”.  Luckily, in just a few seconds a girl approached us and helped me buy a ticket, which now took less than two minutes. Train with seats only, about 6.5 hours. Now time to fix some food!


So thankful for her help!

After eating some, we went inside the station. I was going to top-up my card with internet to be able to communicate, and Alen went to the bathroom. Somehow we managed to lose each other, so now I was all alone. 😦


Last seen: Moscow 😉

It was only two hours until the train would leave anyway, and I located the place in time to be sure I wouldn’t miss anything. I then found a place to charge everything on, as I didn’t know when I would be able to charge next time, and I didn’t have a plan on where to sleep either.


I got on the train in time, now starting to get hang over. At least the seats were pretty comfy. During the train ride I wrote to the others to see if I would maybe stop somewhere along the way where I could jump off. They went slower than expected, though, so I went on to Sankt Petersburg. There were a bigger stop in the middle of the ride where I went and bought some yoghurt at a place nearby, really anxious not to miss the train.

The man seated next to me started talking to me. His english were neither good or bad, but understandable, so we had a conversation for a couple of hours. He asked about my trip, and in the end where in Sankt Petersburg I would sleep. As I told him ”I’ll solve it on arrival” he told me I could sleep at his place, a couple of kilometres outside of Sankt Petersburg! His nephew would pick him up, so the transport would be easy. I checked the map, and instead of having to find a sleeping place and having to get out of the city the day after, I would be less than 7 kilometres from the highway at his place! A bus, which passed the highway, left from his small town every twenty minutes, so that would be awesome!

I bought him a beer as a small token of gratitude, and we continued talking for some time, before sleeping for some hours. I was still really tired from last night, and it started getting late. We arrived at Sankt Petersburg, where we got picked up, and driven to his place.


He was looking angry two times during my stay there. The first time was in the evening. He was living with his wife (but separate beds) and he told me I could sleep on the make-shift sofa-bed. I told him the floor was no problem for me, and he almsot looked offended. In the end I got a really got place to sleep at. He would do some errands in the morning, but told me I could sleep until nine, and as the clock was around midnight, that would be awesome!