Last day abroad

Last day before arriving in Sweden! Not much adventure left, but we left the woods, with our destination being civilisation, including lunch, washing the cars and repacking them.


We got them really clean, no one remembered them being that white!

DSC_8293DSC_8294The repacking was about fitting the cars on the boat. One of the cars had a booking allowing higher clearance, so we took the mattress from one of the tents, and the tent from one of the cars, and put it all on one of them.DSC_8299

In the queue for boarding the ferry, I started talking with a motorcycle guy. I got myself a motorcycle license just a month before leaving, and of course I am interested in traveling in that way too. He had been a bit into Russia if I recall correctly, mainly Finland, and was on his way home. Apparently his daughter lived in Västerås, and I had probably met her sometime. You never know who you meet on the road! (The one in yellow is him!)DSC_8310DSC_8300

The ferry was without adventures. After chilling around for a while, most of us went to bed pretty early. Tomorrow: Sweden!

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