Home again

After eating breakfast (which one of the cabins missed as they didn’t have any alarms), we made ourselves ready to drive off. It really felt close now, being in Stockholm and all.


After driving off, we met up to put the tents and gear back onto the right cars. I saw those unknown motorcyclists again, and I really liked their outfit and equipment!


We drove out of the port, and went to a nearby metro station to let some of us off as we were going to the central station. A last good bye to most of them, and then off to the metro!


I think there were reparations or rebuilding the train tracks, but me and Jakob had to take the bus about an hour later. For lunch we decided on Subway, before more or less sleeping the bus ride home. In Västerås we got picked up and driven home. This adventure was now over, so until next time!

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