The main adventure for 2016 (so far)

For old readers, returning: Welcome back!

For new readers: Welcome to follow my adventures in (mostly) real time. On this website, I have news articles, maps of my travel and, most important, blog posts including pictures of my adventures!

About two-and-a-half months ago I got the idea to go to Senegal by motorcycle. Two days later, I asked for vacation, and started planning everything!

IMG_0080.JPGNow, I’m sitting here after the last day of necessary mechanical service of the motorcycle. It went through the inspection today and is now fine for another two years!


I have a few modifications left I want to do, but nothing really necessary. The main thing to do is actually to test pack before I leave this time (looking at the bicycle trip here). Other than that, I got more and less important gadgets and clothing to hopefully make my trip easier or nicer.


The motorcycle is a Honda XL1000 Varadero 2001. It is in pretty good shape, with both crash bars,cruise control, top box and side boxes, and now also a center stand. I have yet to decide how I will pack everything. I have done smaller trips with both on top-packing as seen on the picture (even though I would get something better to pack in for a longer tour) but also packing in the side boxes, which are lockable, but more prone to breaking.


I’ve also added a real GPS, and a bluetooth headset for my helmet, so that I can hear both music and navigation sounds. I’m still looking at main clothing, but overall I’m feeling pretty ready. I’ll hopefully

I’m preliminary leaving at 5th of april, and you are welcome to follow my travel!

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