Not as good as I hoped for

Pretty tired when I woke up, but still felt good! I was at a mechanic and all. I handed over the keys and sat myself down to start eating breakfast (yoghurt, bread and cream cheese or something). The mechanic waved me over after a while. As my battery now was empty, they had put a new one in, and the motorcycle was starting. They had checked the stator and rectifier, but i was still unsure it would be good to go. As it died seconds later, I was right. The HISS light, and fuel warning light, wouldn’t turn off again. They checked a bit more, and the conclusion was, at this point that it was the antenna reading the key code.


This antenna is so enclosed, they he didn’t think there would be any possibility of water going into there. It is neither a part you repair, but replace. I felt pretty down at this moment as that meant no good possibility for continuing. 1-1.5 weeks delivery time and 160 euro if I wanted to wait. I wouldn’t give up just yet, and asked if the Varadero could stay inside, in case it would actually make a difference.

I wanted to google, but knew my 3G would not be enough. I knew there were a McDonalds nearby and started walking there, but saw another person walking from the shop to their car. I asked for a ride to McDonalds, and that is what I got! I love hitch-hiking.

After posting in some forums I call home to tell my parents what is happening, and also ask Magnus about the problem. I also check with the insurance company so that I have not misunderstood the conditions. Everything turns out OK, and both me and the bike is covered to get home.

One of the things someone tells me about is the cables to the reader antenna. There has been cases before where the cables themselves breaks because of the movement when turning the handle bar. I stay at McDonalds for a while, writing and talking with some friends. It feels like I may have a chance, but  it’s not a big one.

Back at the shop I start fiddling with the cables to see if it may make a difference. I am not sure, but there may be indications. The system itself is harder than of/off (think of a light bulb: it would be pretty easy to see if the cable is damaged when you move it) and that makes me unsure.

I also ask about the possibility of just by-passing the system in any ugly way, but he says it is impossible.

I take a small test drive to see if I can make it die, and start again by fiddling with the cables. it dies for sure, but the cables don’t help. It is still coughing and not really wanting to start, as before. After pushing it back inside I ask them to put the battery on charge, so that I can be ready for tests tomorrow.

Google taught me how to use the ”three hour internet” for all eternity by spoofing you MAC-adress, so I was back at McDonalds again. The idea that someone – maybe not a mechanic, but someone – may have the part at home hits me like a wave of caffeine, ecstasy and sugar, and I start searching and registering on new forums – Danish and German ones! I also mail Ole, from north of Jylland, to see if he could help me. He answers, telling me that he is actually going to Rendsburg tomorrow, 35 kilometres south of me. If he manage to find anything, he will buy it, and bring it. A German from Flensburg calls me, telling me he is going to Hamburg tomorrow, and will also check with the dealers. One guy from Finland gives me a number to a Swedish guy, who checks around a bit, gives me some tips, but also actually offers to come and get me and the bike if I would need it. As the insurance covers that part, I thank him for the kindly offer, but refuses.

It starts to get pretty late, 19.00 now, and I don’t really have any plans. Chatting with some friends I get the idea to check out the nightlife of Schleswig, and there are a few places. The city is approximately 25 000 inhabitants, so not too big, and I don’t have too big expectations. I bought some pasta sauce, cookies and drinks at Rewe before heading back to the tent for dinner.



When checking for nightclubs I actually find one between me and McDonalds, just a kilometre from the tent. By the looks of it, when walking by, it was nothing too big, but I decided to at least go there and check later. It opened at 22.00, and as I didn’t want to be awake all night, I went there by opening time. There were about two people there according to the security guard, so I decided to go home and sleep instead. I hoped there would be a solution for tomorrow, even though I was ready for the risc to quit the trip.