Bunkers, bunkers and more bunkers!

After a breakfast consisting of pancakes, I started riding around 08.30, unusually early. After eating lunch in the outskirts of Warsaw I made a wrong turn, and then probably another one, which made the pass by almost half an hour longer, probably. Shit happens!

My first visit for the day were pretty far south, almost at my end destination. I was going to visit the bunker Lukasz told me about. When I arrived, you had to pay a small entrance fee of less than an euro. The problem was that I didn’t have any cash, and therefore had to go back three kilometres to an ATM.

The bunker was huge, and had been able to house a train. It was over 300 metre long, with extra corridors on both sides.


There was also an underground path, which you could get to by climbing down a really steep and narrow staircase. With the motorcycle gear I almost had to squeeze through!


After the visit, I drove the last 2.5 hours to Tychy. I met up with Lukasz, and we checked me into my room at a guesthouse he had booked for me, so I could shower and unpack while he want back to his niece’s birthday party.

When he was done, he picked me up by car at ten. We drove to some nearby abandoned WW2 bunkers he knew off, and it was a cool sight. Also got a small view of Tychy by night. We also went into the forest to find another one, and after finding it (it was really dark now) saw the eyes of a doe, watching us!

My body was really tired after all the hours riding today, and since the clock was over midnight, we post-poned the next place to tomorrow!