This day, Lukasz would take me to Auschwitz. He had his daughter this day too, so I got to meet Amie, short for Amelie! Lukasz mother would take her in the city, while Lukasz showed me around.

At Auschwitz (1), we went on a group tour with a guide. The tour was well-made, everyone got a headset, connected to the guides microphone.

The other parts of it were pretty heavy. It’s hard to describe overall, but I felt really uncomfortable during the whole tour, to no surprise. I don’t have much to say about it.




Afterwards, we went back to get Amie and Lukasz mother, and ate a small lunch in the city!


The next stop was Birkenau (Auschwitz 2). We didn’t have too much time, but saw what was important. On the way there, we also visited two railway wagons which had been used.



Someone also called my name out of nowhere, and apparently Jonathan, a scout I was in the same group as a couple of years ago, was there at vacation too. You never now who you’ll meet!

We went back to Tychy, and I got dropped off at the guest house. The plan was to go out with the motorcycles, so I prepared everything I needed, until Lukasz was done with all his.

First destination was the top of a pretty huge slug heap. It was really nice off-roading to get there, and some pretty steep gravel road. Beautiful view, though!



Then, we were going to another bunker. We went the wrong way first, which took us to a nice water crossing!


With a map, we got to the bunker, and some memorials and cemeteries, too. I rode a bison!


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