New tires!

As I only had two nights in the guest house, I moved to a hotel I had booked during the night. The people working there were super friendly, really happy and helped with whatever I needed, for example laundry, even though it wasn’t supposed to be included. They also told me they could put my bike on their parking, behind a gate, so no one would try to steal it!

I went to meet with Lukasz, who would show me to a place for new tires. Thanks to friends of Lukasz, a person from, I got some discount on the tires when buying them from Olek Motocykle! Instead of the around 2900 SEK I would have paid on the internet at home, I paid 1850 SEK thanks to Poland being cheaper, discount and so on!


Lukasz took me to a place his friend told us changed tires cheap and fast, and after eating asmall lunch, everything was done less than 30 minutes later! I took the old tires with me, and gave them to Lukasz, as they still had some kilometres left and he wanted to test more road oriented tires.


In the afternoon we went out to ride in the mountains with some of the other members! It started raining during the drive, but not too much. Lukasz got wet, though!

We stopped at a restaurant somewhere high up for dinner. Everyone bought soup, and I tried to order in polish. Lukasz told the server ”Jackiie just came out from the hospital”, so I guess I didn’t pronounce it right! 😉



After riding some more, the three others went home, while we adventured some more. We went out to a really cool soviet bunker, pretty big one, with what looked like three loading docks in garages. There were also instructions on the inside on how you would do after using the contamination suit, to always remember your weapon and were to put the dirty clothes. Cool!

We passed a steam punk restaurant on the way home, which we unfortunately couldn’t go up in (there was an elevator) as it was pretty high class and they didn’t want us to disturb the other guests. The things I saw at the entrance floor were good looking, though!


After a visit at the supermarket Lukasz got an idea for a photo, which would be the ending of this day!


Open air cinema!