Best roads in my life, so far!

I had gotten a tip from Marco about which roads I should drive in Slovakia, but first, I was going to Krakow. After a quick good bye at Lukasz office, and getting an USB-extender cable, I went east!

There was some nice roads I could have driven, which also would be less expensive, but sadly I didn’t have time.

Outside of Krakow, I went to the shooting range to test a package of weapons. I tried a Glock 17, .357 Magnum, MP5, AK47 and a shotgun from Turkey, Escort. I also added M4 afterwards. It wasn’t actually as fun as I expected, but it is something I’ve wanted to try for a long time!


After going south for a while, I saw the mountains before me, and what a view! I stayed for maybe half an hour, just taking different photos to get a really good one, and I am satisfied!



When I finally turned onto the road I was looking forward to, it was really awesome. Maybe 90 kilometres of serpentine roads, with hills and turns everywhere, and really nice views! Almost no traffic, so I was able to drive in my own tempo. It was some really nice technical riding, and I got to lean pretty hard with the motorcycle, instead of the more usual leaning on the highways or country roads!


When I was approaching the end of the road, and the clock was about nine, I wanted to find a nice spot to pitch my tent on. The roads I could find up in the mountains were only walking roads, though, and I was not allowed to go there by motorcycle. As there were slopes and ski lifts, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to get to a really good place either. After looking up hotels nearby for a minute, I found a pensionat a couple of kilometres away, and pretty cheap (especially compared to the hotels nearby, which were four and five stars, and started at 100 euro). They didn’t speak too much english, and I didn’t have cash with me, but I managed to get the IBAN number so I could make a transaction. I also got some skin cream by the lady, as my upper lip were really dry.

The dinner for tonight was pasta and tomato dry soup powder mixed together!

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