Bad roads with those tires

The guy I went out to eat pizza with told me about a really good hostel in Warsaw. As I had one extra day, I thought I would spend it there, and try it out!

There would be a short ride to Warsaw, and I decided to try to find funnier roads. I put my GPS to choose the curviest roads, and also allowed it to choose gravel roads, as those could be fun. What could have been a two hour ride would be far longer…

It had been raining a bit before, and my tires aren’t good for mud. Not god at all. Here follows some nice pictures as proof of that!


As you can see on the first picture, I got “stuck” in the small ditch close to the middle. Suddenly, the front tire grip on to something, and the whole thing took a small jump. No damages!

I was pretty close to do the same thing later, but instead of walls, there were slopes on the sides, which would have been hard to get up from. Scary!

After some asphalt, the GPS wanted me to turn up onto a really small road. It looked like an adventure, and I wanted to test. When the trees were increasing, the road were getting muddier, as the sun hadn’t been able to dry it up. I spent around half an hour getting up a slope being maybe 250 metres long.


As the cooling fan had stopped working thousand of kilometres ago, it was overheating while working my way up, and I had to take a pause half way up, which gave me some sweet pictures!


When actually getting out of all this, I took away the possibilities of gravel roads. I ate some snickers, and went on.

I had some problems finding the hostel, which were 20 metres from where I had parked. I went into it to take a look, and the first impression was really good! The name was Oki Doki hostel, and it had really cool design. I got to live in the communist room, and of course chose the left bed. 😉


I met another girl on the hostel, who had just arrived. She was going out to explore the city, so I followed her instead of just staying at the hostel. The adventure resulted in two ice creams, some thai food and a really long bridge!

Close to the old city, there were a band of bagpipes playing. Really nice!

In the evening, I met up with the girl, some Irish, some Australians and a mix of other people in the bar. It was awesome talking to them, and we went out later in the evening. As usual, I found people to talk with on the way, and lost them after maybe 20 minutes. After some adventures I went home to sleep at half past one, as I needed to continue driving the next day. I’m really glad I got the tip about this hostel!