Driving north

I stayed in bed as long as possible, as I was not able to drive at nine o’clock. They let me check out and chill in the chill area, where I met the people from yesterday again. They were going out for food, so I hanged out with them until all of us drivers were ready to drive, and so, we split.

As the boat was going the day after, close to midnight, I had time. After getting tired, I just tried to find a cheap place to stay at. I found a hotel, which at first didn’t look too promising. The one working there were pretty scabby, playing at the slot machine and smoking indoors while her son did his homework in the restaurant. The room were fresh, though, and pretty cheap, so I stayed there. I had about 500 kilometres left, and a whole day, so I took my time to plan the route a bit, as I could spend the time on trying to drive nice roads.


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