Who said kiwis can’t fly?

I went to Skydiwing Kiwis, where they were on a weather brake. It was supposed to get better, and I didn’t want to chase jumps or anything, so I was glad anyway. There was an airplane museum next door, and for ten dollars it felt worth it.


The coolest part was the story about Juliet Delta 321, a C-130 Hercules which crash landed, and was buried, in Antarctica. They dug it up, made a few small repairs and flew it away, 15 years later!


When I was done with the first hangar, the weather looked better, and when I went back I was put on a lift pretty soon. I made a Skydance, and we were well on level and all!

After the first jump I heard someone telling someone else he was Swedish, and so I met Viktor, who was travelling around, sometimes doing pack jobs, and right now doing labour work in Christchurch!


I made another jump in the afternoon, and continued my relaxed day. When I asked about places to camp at I got a tip about a place nearby. There were even toilets, so and being 150 metres away from the drop zone, it was a good location!


With the sky night being rather dark, I tried some astrophotography, but with those settings, I failed pretty hard.


I woke up to the sound of airplanes, and when looking out of my tent, I saw a few canopies flying around up there.


After another jump, I take a look at the second, and much bigger, hangar of the museum. The DC3 was nice!





With the service hours running out, they made some tandem only lifts before letting sport jumpers jump again. I made my fourth, and last, at this drop zone, doing a high pull, cruising around and looking at the views. It is beautiful at those drop zones!


We went shopping when the day was over, and had a BBQ, including some mushrooms they had found by the runway and landing area. I got to try and speak Spanish with another guest jumper, and it went so-so, including google translate!

The late evening was spent at Lee and Sophie’s place, where most people went into the bubble bath. I was still really tired and went to bed fairly early instead. This drop zone gave me the closest feeling to being at a Swedish drop zone so far, really neat!

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