Other cyclists!

Waking up, I was so damn tired… but I knew I had to get ready and check out, so pushed through the morning most of all wanting to check in for another day and just sleep. I didn’t feel like I had too much time according to schedule, and not too much to do in this city, so I decided to move on. I still managed to be a few minutes late checking out, but at least they didn’t mind!


The night before was amazing!

My mind was set on walking up Mt John, to get a daylight look as well. The reception let me store my stuff there, and I brought a little bit of food and started my small journey. It was a nice walk up there, and I took an alternative route close to the top to get another cool view on the way to the observatories.



After jumping a small fence I was back at the normal track, and the view was really nice! I could recognise where we had been during the night, and already missed the sky. I had a sandwich at the astro cafe, and took a lot of pictures. My lunch friend was a small bird who wanted pieces of my sandwich, but he didn’t get too much. Cute little fellow!



My panoramas are still a bit shaky when stitching them together, but I’m still evolving my photography!


I walked down again, got my stuff and went to do some shopping. I had found out about a bicycle trail, Alps 2 Ocean, which I would be able to follow. This would be a good choice!


I wasn’t sure, but this was the canal I would follow!

After some downhill, I was biking along a canal, with the strongest tailwind! I wouldn’t have this exact direction the whole day, but right now I was going 30+ km/h without too much effort.


I wished it could have been like this the whole day.

The road I was biking on soon ended, and a gravel trail started, with a “bicycle only” passage in the way. The passing sucked, as it would only almost let me pass with my bags still attached to the bicycle.


The gravel went slower, of course, and it was the bad sort of gravel, making it harder to keep balance. Still some beautiful views, and picnic places, but I cursed myself a bit for taking the bicycle trail. No cars, at least. Actually, there were no one else around at all, which was some nice freedom. The direction I now was traveling in made it be headwind, and the strong winds were no more something I liked.


There were one particular stretch, where there were warning signs for cars to take a side road in strong winds. I didn’t want to go down the valley, and then up again, but tried to put one bag in the front to see if it would help with the balancing issue. Didn’t make any difference at all, sadly.

Instead, I let som air out from the front tire, and it actually helped. It was still a pain in the ass to travel this road, but at least I didn’t have to walk.

When the asphalt road started, I got off to fill my front tire again. Suddenly, I saw two bicyclists approaching from the same road I had just biked. Their names were Nils and Tom, and they had also met along the way. We were all going the same direction, and continued together!

We came out near a salmon farm, still up high, with beautiful views. The clouds where playing with the sun, giving nice photo opportunities, and more than beautiful mountains.




After rolling down the hill in high speeds, we started looking for a place to stay at, where we would not be found. First, we looked close to the beach, but there were no hills or anything, and we ended up going up into the forest. Looking around, we found a good spot for all three tents, not visible from the road, nor the camp fire site where people seemed like they had a good time, with cans and t-shirts left behind.


Our camping area!

Not having too much water, I went down to the beach to wash my stuff. Of course I brought my camera to play around a bit…


…which was exactly the same thing I went to do when the others went to bed!


As we were still in a dark sky reserve, I tried to get some goods spots of the sky. Too many clouds, though, but still good enough to play around!


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