Three weeks in the US

My family weekend is now official done, and my stay at Amber’s place as well.

There has been shopping, Universal Studios, Island of Adventures, beach, pool, sunbathing and a lot of heat! Some longboarding, driving and “catastrophe sightseeing” as well.

Going to Universal was nostalgic, even though you could understand why they are rebuilding old attractions into new one. Terminator 2: 3D is still awesome, but the 3d is… sucky. Both “Jaws” and “Back to the Future” were gone, and so was “Earthquake”.




The Harry Potter parts were pure awesome! So well built, and I was too close to spend all my money on merchandise.




Taking care of the little has been really fun. He is such a cutie, and almost never screams compared to other children, which the other people on the flight probably was really happy for.





They are still cleaning up after Irma, much needed. There are a lot of boats which are destroyed, a lot of trees piled up and a few buildings where the roof has gone.


On my fathers birthday Tim had prepared and bought some Key lime pie. I wanted to get a donut for him, but everything I could find was a bagel. Round with a hole in the middle at least, and a couple of candles!


I also managed four skydives at Deland, and some work. It really can be too hot when skydiving… I ended up jumping in shorts, as the overall just made you sweaty all through. My sit is getting better!


Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 11.36.31 copy 2.png

As my parents flew home from Miami, Amber came and picked me up! It was really cool, as we actually met at my home DZ in Sweden.

The stay at Ambers place was my lazy stay. I started rewatching Once Upon a Time, and borrowed Ambers longboard whenever I wanted to go shopping. We had some awesome nights, and tested the vegan restaurant Ethos. Walmarts guacamole sucks, though!

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