After staying another night in Auckland (Thank you so much, guys!!!) I went up at five-something and picked Axel up. I had even bought gluten free bread for him. 🙂

We drove down to Taupo, where we would spend some time. As the warrant of fitness for the car was coming up, we stopped on the way to make the check, and… it didn’t pass. Shit.

Well, shit happens. Continued down to Taupo, where we met up with a friend of Lily. I stayed at her place during this first time in Taupo, while trying to plan my life, fixing the car and going out dancing. Thanks to a friend of Summer I managed to fix  everything needed really cheap!

After a good night out, I bought myself a modern polaroid camera at the fifth. Everyone who will visit me at home in the Swedish summer can come and take a look at the book I’m making, by taping a photography from each event and writing a small text. Best hangover shopping so far!IMG_0300.jpg

I also bought a lot of toothbrush holders, as I needed the suction cups for the curtains in the car.

We went horse riding, did some trekking, went up mount Tauhara and got my car fixed.


Taupo by night! Mount Tauhara in the background.


View from Mount Tauhara

Me and Axel also got the skydiving started for us, awesome feeling to get out there again!

At the 10th, my car passed the warrant of fitness! The day after, I packed all my stuff, went horse riding, made some really miserable pancakes, and went on my way! It was time to go south.

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