About me

Tired of the routines at home, she set out on a journey that
would take her to places she never knew about before

Jackiie Samuelsson is a spontaneous person at the age of 24. Jackiie set out on the biking journey the first of June 2014, leaving Västerås, Sweden on her trusty bike. Leaving Sweden by the ninth of June, she really was going now!

She likes the ease of traveling, meeting new people everyday. To go to a fashion show in Amsterdam, visit Brussels because “it is on the way”, go down in the catacombs beneath Paris for seven hours, bike over the top of Andorra and sleeping at places with stunning morning views, this trip really gives perspectives and experiences she would not get at home. To meet new people wherever she goes, sometimes via internet, sometimes on the street, Jackiie also get to learn the actual culture and the locals, instead of only the tourist places.

The plan was to go from Sweden-Amsterdam-Barcelona-Iran-Kazakstan-Japan in about a year, but living a free life, plans are bound to change. The first trip ended at the Sahara in Africa, after crossing a continent!

The second trip, by car in a group of total 12 people, took her from Sweden to Kyrgyzstan and back, through Kazakstan and Russia!

The next trip is to go from Sweden to Senegal, this time by motorcycle. Follow her adventure here on the blog!

Go to the “Where am I?”-section in the menu to see where she has been!

The future lies free in front of her feet;
waiting to be conquered and explored

5 thoughts on “About me

    • Hi Emanuel!
      Now I have a place to sleep at until sunday but I will also take a look at your links!
      Thanks for the stay at your place!

  1. Sån häftig grej, Jackiie. Känner mig hedrad att ha tillhandahållit första sovplatsen. 🙂
    Blir lite avundssjuk när jag sitter här hemma med min nackkrage och glor!

    • Jag kan lova att det var rätt dag att stanna hos dig! Efter en förstadag med så mycket problem följt av en underbar uppvaktning så blev det perfekt!
      Önskar att jag hade kunnat återgälda det nu när det verkligen behövts!
      Hoppas du blir helt återställd!

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