Last day abroad

Last day before arriving in Sweden! Not much adventure left, but we left the woods, with our destination being civilisation, including lunch, washing the cars and repacking them.


We got them really clean, no one remembered them being that white!

DSC_8293DSC_8294The repacking was about fitting the cars on the boat. One of the cars had a booking allowing higher clearance, so we took the mattress from one of the tents, and the tent from one of the cars, and put it all on one of them.DSC_8299

In the queue for boarding the ferry, I started talking with a motorcycle guy. I got myself a motorcycle license just a month before leaving, and of course I am interested in traveling in that way too. He had been a bit into Russia if I recall correctly, mainly Finland, and was on his way home. Apparently his daughter lived in Västerås, and I had probably met her sometime. You never know who you meet on the road! (The one in yellow is him!)DSC_8310DSC_8300

The ferry was without adventures. After chilling around for a while, most of us went to bed pretty early. Tomorrow: Sweden!

Russia being Russia

The day started with a breakfast made out of a rice dish. May have been ”lunch food”, but perfect since I ate bad yesterday.

he day continued pretty… interesting. When he was home from Moscow, he usually slept, met his friends and drank. Half past nine we had bought 1.5 litre of Coca-Cola and 0.5 litre of Vodka for approximately 3 euro. Russia has really managed to live up to its stereotypes about the vodka and the driving!

This was also the second time he looked angry, or insulted, as I first said no to taking a shot. I took it anyway, and they looked happier. 

After some vodka, and a shower, it was time to take the bus. I was NOT going to miss the cars again, even if that would mean I would have to wait for them. We went by a statue of Ivan Pavlov, e.g. known for his experiments with conditioning a dog. On the way we passed by a small lake more or less inside the village, and also the local church. Then, he left me on the bus, where I constantly checked Apple Maps for where I was, how the traffic was going, and where I was getting off. I also communicated with the cars, and managed to get their position through Facebook Messenger.



In the end, I was maybe 30-60 minutes early, which was time enough to make me nervous. I bought some water and sat down by the road, listening to music through my speaker. There were traffic on the highway, so they were late, but in the end, I saw some cars I recognised really well! Some hugs, and then back into the Defender, and we were on the way to Sweden again.


We crossed the border to Finland, and went out into the woods to get a good camping spot. I was tired after those adventures, so after dinner, and sacrificing my second shirt, I went to bed early. It started looking more and more like home!


Why start the car when you can make someone else push it?



During my stay home, 5-7

It was time for Sjöslaget, and at eight I went with some student friends from different cities by car to Stockholm. Me and Astrid competed in the Sjöslagscapsen, and lost big time!
Went to the terminal of the ferry, and met tons of friends everywhere. Got a nice ring from Torun!

Partied, met new people, bought liquorice. Saw a bit of Dunderpatrullen live.

The day after, off the boat, and on again with some other crazy friends.


The 7th, getting off.


That is 2.6 kg candy.
I am ready to go back!

Eating pizza with the others, less sick than I was when I walked on the boat, but with a hurting foot instead.
Went home to Skade as I was going to sleep at her place before taking the airplane back.