A really good paella

After breakfast, we were headed to a market in La Linea. We went by Gibraltar for fuel, so that was my first fifteen minutes there!


Gibraltar from a distance

We went to the market, where most of the non-fish seafood were alive. Talk about fresh!





On the way from the market we bought something deep-fried which we ate with chocolate when we came home. We also went by a supermarket I pick up some other food.
We went by the beach for a couple of hours, and maybe my tan will get a little bit more even.
Back home, a really good paella was made, with really good fresh seafood, among others Kalamari.

The paella tasted really awesome!


South time!

I went up at 0930, and started fixing my bike while trying to get Asha and Dominic up. They went and shopped ingredients while I put on a new tube and some oil on my bike.
When they came back, I started making awesome pancakes while people were playing with my camera.


The pancakes were being made, and as usual, I do never do too few pancakes!

We had many things to choose from!



Not everyone knows
how to eat pancakes.

It was a pretty crazy morning that was really funny, or maybe not morning as it was twelve o’clock. The weather were really nice, so a perfect pancake morning!

After the long breakfast I started packing, and Dominic and Asha helped me get all the things down.


This picture reminds me
of the movie Leon!

At 1340 I started biking to my next stop, Toledo!

It was warm and sunny, and the wind were good, more or less zero. On the way I saw really many bunnies, apparently they are living by the road side!


They were really hard to catch on photo; this is their homes, the small holes in the wall!

It went pretty fast with not many stops on the way, but on one of the stops I ate the chocolate Dominic and Asha had been cute enough to buy for me!

At 1730 I was at the meeting place, and met up with Angeles!
She and her flatmate were really nice and easy to talk to. After a shower and some food, we went shopping for some food for me, and drinks for the evening.
When they were going out, I was too tired from the biking and not sleeping much the night before, so I stayed in bed instead. That felt as a smart idea 12 hours later, I think I really needed that sleep!

Should have brought a harness…

…because today I have been climbing!
I woke up a little after seven, and actually felt well, so I went up, started packing and made breakfast. I took it really easy, mentally preparing, and also waiting for a little more warmth in the valley, as it was pretty cold outside.
A little after ten, I started climbing.
For some time, I went with two guys going on road bikes.

The first 14 kilometres were easy, and I made one pause, and one really quick stop on the way, taking 623 height metres. It started getting steeper, so I lost the two guys (who had 7-kg bikes and a small backpack each), taking a break every second kilometre. I took both three-minute-pauses and 15-minute-pauses, as I got really tired in the muscles.
While I was only climbing, my emotions were going in a roller coaster. In just seconds, I could change from being happy, to almost crying, to laughing by myself, to thinking of trying to hitch hike. Mainly, the moral were good, but sometimes, it really sucked.
On the way up, a man riding a racer bike reached out with his hand to make a high five. Also, in Pas de la Casa, a hitch-hiker standing by the side starter applauding, and I have him a high five too. That, and many cars honking and cheering, really helped me get up that hill!
With five kilometres, and 320 height metres, the rise were 6.4%. It continued like that, with the highest rise average being 6.8%.

After a total of 26.32 kilometres, and 1320 height metres, I was finally at the top.

I did not really care for the view at the moment, but instead went into the restaurant (that were not that expensive with the place to accordance; 9 euros for a pizza, and 2,5 for desert. I really felt dead.



After eating one pizza and two deserts, I was preparing for going down. Then, two guys I met at the camping yesterday, appeared, as one of them recognised my bike outside. I decided to wait for them and follow them to the camping in Andorra la Valle, instead of riding alone.

And now, while I wasn’t half dead, I could take pictures (and get help by those guys). The view were nice the whole way down!

I got some nice pictures on the way down, and also, for the first time I got pictures of me in action!




I present to you: The way down!

We shopped in Andorra la Valle before going to the camping in the town. While looking for food I also found a new towel, this one red!
We made rice with some vegetables and cheese and stuff. It was nice, and really much!

But I did not manage to eat it all.

It was already pretty late when we went to sleep, but now I had people to test to ride with, which will be interesting!

The resting day of resting days!

I had actually not really spoken to Nico much before arriving, so I did nothing about the place before. It was one of the most relaxed places I had been at in a long time!

It started by Nico proposing to me to make pancakes, as we had spoken about it the day before. That was an awesome start of the day!

I was pretty tired, and apparently my body needed some rest. I was pretty much by myself just surfing the web and actually playing a game on my iPhone (can’t remember when I did that the last time). I felt a little bit boring, but the others did not seem to mind, and even when trying to I could not really be social. I guess I needed some alone time!
The others invited me to go to the beach after noon, so I joined them. During that trip I learnt not to put my GPS on Short when in car-mode, but in Fast, as Short really mean trying to take almost the same roads as the bike.

We saw some happy sunflowers though!

The beach were nice, but a bit windy. It was really fun to play in the waves, and the water was not too cold!
We went home again, and I went into my little introvert relaxation mode again. Talked a little bit with the others now and then, ate another awesome dinner and then went to bed. Now I would start taking some kilometres!

When eating too much…

I woke up, ate breakfast and went on with my journey. For lunch, I ate Pasta with peanuts, oil and the meat I had gotten with me from Nina and Babette. The problem was, I did too much of everything…

I felt so tired, so I found a park bench, and laid down for more than an hour, sleeping. After that, I felt it was time to go on, even if I still felt really tired. I found a small shop where I could buy food (next day is sunday, and France closes on sundays) and then continued.
I had found a small lake on the map that looked like a good camping spot. When I came there, I knew I was right, as there were an actual camping there. As the price were only 5,10 euro, I decided I could camp there instead. I pitched my tent, put out my sleeping gear and took a shower. I was still feeling full from my lunch, so I did not eat any dinner, but instead went to sleep around nine-ten.


I started yesterday with more pancakes at Lings place, and she also made me some juice of carrots and stuff! I even felt like a healthy person. 😉

Then it was time to go again. I said good bye to Ling after I had packed all my gear and started biking around noon this day. It was another really good experience with couch surfing!

Today’s aim was at Schleswig, and I would finally cross the border to Germany! After crossing the border, the first thing I did was to buy liquorice, as it is really cheap at those border shops. That made me a happy person!

As I ate a really late breakfast, I ate mostly nuts, dry fruit and energy bars during the day.
I also saw 7 or more touring bikers today!
I came to Schleswig at 1940, and after finding a wifi, I saw that none of my requests had answered. Therefore, I started to send out more requests, and then waited. At 2010, a person answered, and he was living only 900 meters from where I was. It was perfect!
I went there, and even got dinner. It is fun to test different sort of foods, and today it was vegan!

We were chatting for another hour, before I started to feel really sleepy. I think this was the first time I actually slept on a couch through couch surfing, other times it has always been the floor or a bed, so now I have actually surfed a couch!
I slept for about nine hours before we were going up. He made a nice breakfast, and after getting everything ready, we talked for another hour. I gotta say he had a really nice view over Schleswig and the lake from his apartment!
Then it was time for him to leave and I am now out in the city at the wifi-spot I found yesterday. Today is a resting day, so I will read, fix some things for my bike and just relax, and we’ll see where I end up for tonight!

Time to go!

Today, I continued my journey. I got up half past eight and started to
pack. At nine I went in for breakfast with the others, and after that I
went out to pack the last things. At eleven I had packed it all,
brushed my teeth and so on, and said goodbye to most of the people.
To the ones I did not meet when I was saying goodbye: I had a really
good time, and hope to meet you again. I really loved to stay those
days with you guys! 😀
Then, I was on the road again. I made pasta with garlic butter and pear
to lunch, which actually tasted delicious. Thanks Kim through Lizzie
for the inspiration!

I also later on passed the limit of 1000 kilometres according to my
bicycle computer. That means I am on my time schedule, which is really
nice, and actually has gone around 5% of the way! (Even though I think
it will be more in the end.)

Earlier today, I also set a new high-speed recorc for rolling speed (no pedaling) at 63.6 km/h. It felt fast!
At six a clock I came to my couch surfer host for the night. She is
really friendly, outgoing and have a sense of humour, good or bad
depending on how you see it!
She let me make pancakes for us, which is awesome, as I have not eaten
pancakes since I left Lizzies place. She also asked me if I wanted some
cider, and so, I drank some Swedish-made German-buyed cider at my
Malaysian friends place in Denmark. 😀


Now we are just having a good time with many bad jokes! It is nice to
meet nice new people! 😀

First day at the community

Today the day started early for once. I woke up at 0600 and went up at 0615. The family I stayed at were as nice as the day before. I had gotten a little dessert after dinner and also made a lunch package containing some sandwiches with ham and cheese!
As they went to work, I went to one of the couch surfing hosts that had answered at the night before when I had already gotten a place to stay at. I decided to go there and live there for at least one night as I felt my body needed a little rest. It was nine kilometers away, so it went pretty fast. Once in Holmstrup I asked for the way and got directions. I was a little confused and wanted to ask a young man trimming the hedge for directions. I asked for the community and he said it was there. I asked for my contact person, and it was him. Lucky as usual!
I got a tour around the building, and the place were much huger than I had imagined. After the tour, it was close to breakfast, and as I had already eaten I joined them for company which was really nice. After that  I started with giving my plant some more soil. Even if I think it is already lost, I want to try to revive it as long as possible!

Then I unpacked some things and gathered my laundry as I had the option to wash here. After that I helped out with making the dinner ready, which was some kind of salad, and I think it went really nice!

This is the little hut I am living in right now:

It is more than big enough for one person, even though the toilet and shower are in another building. There are many buildings here: Buildings to live in, but also a building for dancing/partying, a building with all the kitchen and food storage and also a gardening building.



After lunch time, I went into the city as I had something I wanted to buy for my Trangia (a Multidisc). There, I also had frozen yoghurt at some place, where you pick everything by yourself – there is a dozen of options for flavors, and even more for toppings – the regular toppings, but also candy, strawberrys, white chocolate and licorice!
Then I went out to a basar (a market) as I got tipsed about from the guy I made dinner with at the community. There, I bought some bread, and also found a pair of shorts on second hand, as I did not have any ordinary shorts with me. They are really lightweight and packable, and only cost 30 DKK. Cheap enough for me!

Back at the community, I was going to make my own food, but one of them told me I had worked enough for a dinner, which was really nice. It was delicious!

They also had their homemade honey to have on the sandwiches.
After dinner, around 2130, we went by car to a nearby lake and took a walk. Then we bought some ice cream, went home, I showered and talked with friends over the phone and now this long day is coming to an end.
I have one more day, and one more night after this, and then I am going to continue my bike trip!
Good night!

Unexpected stay for the night

The day started nice. Slept until 0800, before I went in to pay for the night. I also borrowed the kitchen to boil some water for the breakfast.
I took it easy, talked with Jakob over Skype and fixed some things on the internet while still having wifi.
I also fixed my brakes as they started to be a little bit too loose, but now they are as new!
Then I set off, 20 kilometres, to the petrol station closest to the bridge. On the way I bought some food as my field meals are coming to an end. At the petrol station I made my lunch out of pasta, mozzarella, pepperoni and peanuts. It was delicious! Also, while counting according to the packages, it stopped at around 1200 kcal, and I am still full four hours later.

This was my first meal made on this Trangia, and it was really easy and really good!
Then I tried to get a lift over the bridge. After fifteen minutes I started to get tired of it and looked up the station, which was one kilometre away, so I decided to at least look up the prices. As it was only around 31 SEK for a ticket with bicycle I went with it. The train was late, so all in all I got to stay more than an hour at the station.

After I went off the train in Nyborg, I started biking against Odense. I checked for wifi sometimes and looked at my couch requests, but as I had done them the same day, I got no answers. I also tried to call two different camping places, but as the clock were pretty much (around 1900 or later I think) no one answered. While biking around in Odense, waiting for an answer, I started to ask around for some backyard to just pitch my tent on. I lady told me she could show me to the camping, but on the way, told me I could stay at there place. I though that it meant pitch my tent on their backyard, but I were much more lucky than so! I have showered, been eating (scrambled eggs, a banana, sandwiches with ham and cheese, tomatoes) and also done a lunch pack for tomorrow. Sometimes you really got to be lucky! 😀

20140611-215926-79166815.jpgIt will be a pretty early day tomorrow, around 0615 I think, but it is worth it! Also it is good to maybe finally get an early start. 😉
Good night world!