New touring gear!

I’ve gotten a new jacket and trousers, thanks to Nilssons MC in Helsingborg! It is a Qurizo jacket and Q-pants from Lindstrands, really well made. I took it as a test to an event in Örebro, and it suits perfect. A great step-up in fitting from my old one. The ventilation works well (this is warmer than my old one, so I put on too much clothing). It will be interesting to test it in rain and heat during the trip!

I’ve also shopped some new off-bike clothing for the warmer climate, and I think I have almost everything I need now, so a test pack will be done latest Monday. I’m picking up a kit for to be able to pitch the inner tent without the outer when I pass by Malmö, and I will probably pass by Halmstad to get a small device to monitor my battery, so I won’t drain it. My first sleeping place is also booked at Huskvarna, same one as I stayed over at my third day of bicycle trip!

It’s getting close!

The main adventure for 2016 (so far)

For old readers, returning: Welcome back!

For new readers: Welcome to follow my adventures in (mostly) real time. On this website, I have news articles, maps of my travel and, most important, blog posts including pictures of my adventures!

About two-and-a-half months ago I got the idea to go to Senegal by motorcycle. Two days later, I asked for vacation, and started planning everything!

IMG_0080.JPGNow, I’m sitting here after the last day of necessary mechanical service of the motorcycle. It went through the inspection today and is now fine for another two years!


I have a few modifications left I want to do, but nothing really necessary. The main thing to do is actually to test pack before I leave this time (looking at the bicycle trip here). Other than that, I got more and less important gadgets and clothing to hopefully make my trip easier or nicer.


The motorcycle is a Honda XL1000 Varadero 2001. It is in pretty good shape, with both crash bars,cruise control, top box and side boxes, and now also a center stand. I have yet to decide how I will pack everything. I have done smaller trips with both on top-packing as seen on the picture (even though I would get something better to pack in for a longer tour) but also packing in the side boxes, which are lockable, but more prone to breaking.


I’ve also added a real GPS, and a bluetooth headset for my helmet, so that I can hear both music and navigation sounds. I’m still looking at main clothing, but overall I’m feeling pretty ready. I’ll hopefully

I’m preliminary leaving at 5th of april, and you are welcome to follow my travel!

A small bicycle trip

As there was a student party in Örebro, which is only ~100 kilometres away, I decided to make a bicycle trip there instead of going by train!

I had scheduled lunch in Arboga with my grandparents. I saw a problem coming when starting to bike, though, as the winds were between 8-10 m/s headwind according to the news. The near-perfect headwind made it really slow, and I averaged around 17 km/h while pushing as hard as possible.

In the end, my grandfather came and picked me up after 26 kilometres. The clock was already close to twelve, and I had 30 more kilometres to go before arriving in Arboga, so this was a really great idea! I learnt not to have too much pride after reviewing my longer bicycle trip, especially when it only makes everything more stressful.

After a wonderful lunch, he drove me to outside of Örebro, with only 6 kilometres left to my destination. Those total of 32 kilometres were more than enough with that wind, and I don’t know how long it would have taken otherwise.


After a couple of days of meeting new people, biking and playing, it was Sunday, and time to go home (after checking out from the sleeping rooms, and hanging out eating pizza in front of Game of Thrones).

The wind was still as strong, if not stronger, than it was at the Thursday, and still blowing the same direction, which was wonderful news! I started a couple of minutes after two. I soon arrived in Arboga after 45 really fast kilometres, were I ate a drop-in dinner at my grandparents place. On the long, straight roads, I usually averaged as fast as 32 km/h, and at the end of the day I think I stopped around 27 km/h in total average for the whole day. It took less than 5 hours, including one dinner stop and one pause, from Örebro to Västerås. It was a joy to ride!

A small update, and please answer my question!

I have yet to do some postas about the last trip (equipment, and maybe some look-backs!), but here is a small update for those still visiting this blog!
As I hade much unnecessary weight last time, I am looking into this. The maximum weight I had (inclusive food and water) was over 60 kg, and with some weight on the front, the steering was not really comfortable while going uphill. I am thinking of a lighter tent (half the weight at around 1.70 kg) as I won’t need a super storm proof tent. I also don’t need a -9°C sleeping bag, and by going to +4°C, I can cut that weight in half, down to less than 500 grams. Going to change my front rack (830 grams less), and just those three things adds up to 3 kilos less! Then, it is time to look at what I did not really use over the whole trip, so I think I will be able to cut 10 kilos without a problem!

I will do some small biking trips here in Sweden, and I may post something from there if I think there are people interested! Also, I have something coming up in the summer. While not biking, it may still be interesting!

You may also comment with feedback about the blogging, and about the site overall!

6 hours left

With help from Demonen I have now cleaned my apartment and packed all my stuff. We are really tired but it’s really tidy! As I do not have access to my bed anymore I will sleep at her floor, so that I do not have to unpack my sleeping gear. Now, it’s time for some sleep before getting ready to go!


The start of an adventure!

Hello, and welcome to my blog. It is still not finished, and there will be many changes, but this will be the place to go during the oncoming year to follow my bicycle trip from Sweden to Japan!

First, a small introduction of me!
My name is Jackiie Samuelsson and is at this time 23 years old. I am living in Västerås, Sweden, and have been hiking more or less my whole life. I have been traveling a lot but never in a close-to-culture kind if way as this bicycle trip will be!

A little more than a year ago, I decided to quit college. At almost the same time as I was searching for a job, I got the idea to do this trip. Since then I have been working towards my goal by earning money and knowledge. Today, it is just some hours more than eleven days until I will start my trip, though it feels as the last year went by fast!

I will try to update this blog when I have internet access, which could be from every day to every week. Before the trip I will fix the design, and also post about the gear, the chosen path and other relevant info!

Welcome to join me at my first big adventure!
/Jackiie Samuelsson