The last day of riding

I slept really well, apart from when the cleaning machine went by six in the morning. Up at seven, eating some Snickers for breakfast, refilling my water bottles, repacking and ready to go! I went out with the bike, and put some more air in the tires. I really want a better pump for my next trip, as this one takes ages!

After finding the non-highway out, and also a petrol station, where I pumped my tires to the right pressure. This would make it more lovely to bike, even though it was pretty cold at around 0°C.

I started pushing home, and it got a little bit warmer pretty fast, but I still had to stop and put on another pair of trousers, and also my shoe-protectors, to keep the heat. My water bottles got some ice in them also, so I guess it was pretty cold when compared to Morocco!

I took a break at a petrol station to use the bathroom ang get some heat. They let me refill my bottles with boiling water so that I could drink it again, and I also bought some really nice liquorice, which I have longed so much for! The people working there were really nice, and the woman wanted to take a picture of me which I am sure is out there on Facebook somewhere!

In Enköping, I passed by a place I have biked to before. Me and two scout friends made a short 50 km bike trip to Enköping from Västerås and stayed one night at the scout house. This was during the easter, and when we woke up the next they it was snowing, so our kind leaders retrieved us with car instead. This time, it would feel like a short ride, though!


After a couple of hours more, I was finally in Västerås! It felt so strange biking in like this, from the “wrong way” and all (east), and it also felt like I had a “long” way left as my parents live on the west side… Close to the centrum, I passed 7000 kilometres!IMG_4408

Through the centrum, and I was reminded of how people doesn’t look neither way while crossing the street. Apart from a hard break everything went well, but I so wished I had my air horn pumped up!

At 14:42, I rolled in on my parents drive way. I was tired, cold, sweaty, hungry and I had all my luggage in a mess, but now I was back!


It didn’t in any way feel like the end of the trip, it merely felt as another day riding, and another place where I will stay for a couple of days. I am not yet sure of my next plan, but that is a possibility of the future!

Time to fly!

When I had eaten breakfast, I packed the last of my stuff, and started biking. I was actually lucky – there were no raining when I started, even though it had rained all morning!

Halfway through the luck disappeared, though, and the rain started again. I only had around 20 kilometres to the airport, so it was not a big deal. On the way I saw what the last couple of days rain had done – there were actually flooding on many places, and the river was flowing with a speed I don’t think is normal. There were also people all along the roads who had parked to take a look at the flooding.

I had a good road to bike on all the way to the airport, though, but the last couple of hundred metres were worse. I am glad I had sandals instead of sneakers, because with every pedalling I did my feet went beneath water!

I arrived six hours before the flight would departure as I wanted to have the extra time. After passing all the stuff through a first scanner, I was now inside of the airport. There, I saw a group of surfers, and I decided to place myself at the same place as them, as they looked nice. They were flying back to Manchester, I think it was, only 45 minutes before my flight would departure.

I changed clothes and made the necessary precautions to packing my bike, and then started to wrap it in the plastic bags I had!




Almost like a dead body

 The check-in went fairly smooth, and they took my bike by hand as it was too big for the conveyor belt. That felt good, as I don’t know how it would take the smashing by the belt.

In the departure hall, I read my book, and just waited. It was really annoying, as they were scream out a “last call” for the same couple for 20 minutes, every minute. Soon, my flight was ready to board, at least.


I met many nice people on the flight. First, the steward asked if there were any tall people who wanted to move to the front. That way, I didn’t have to sit cramped into a too small space this flight either! The other two people who moved front were really nice to talk too, and offered both some pie and wine, which was a nice difference to the snickers I had.

Then, I talked a lot with two people from the crew, and even though this flight was six hours, it was soon over. Arriving at 00:20, the next step was to get my bike and stuff before going to sleep!

Walking out of the airplane, I met a friend of my mother who is working at the airport. My mum seemed pretty worried, still, but was a nice chat while waiting on the luggage!

It took some time for the special luggage to arrive, but finally, i got my bike. I assembled it again, put some air in the tires, and went into Sky City to find myself a sleeping place. I found a good corner, and around two o’clock, it was time to sleep!IMG_2805

All the pictures from the last days

Just one day before I would fly home!
Therefore, I packed my bagage, and took it down to the post office neighbour to weight everything in. After all the small things I have thrown away that I would not need to bring home, I had 7,5 hand luggage, 15 check-in luggage plus 22 kilo bicycle!
It was still raining outside, and there were water in the hotel corridors, but at least my room stayed dry!
I also went out to get shaved, instead of buying a one-time razor.
My 3G ended during the day, so I spent most time reading. In the evening I went to Une Crepe for a “last meal”. I have been having a good time there, with a really good waitress during all this time!
During the night I woke up to the thunder. There was a big storm outside, and more rain was coming.

Pictures from earlier days:


The bad room


The good room


Une Crepe


Classy interior

Good weather and invisible book stores

The weather was pretty nice, so when I finally woke up, I set out on a bike tour to find a second hand english book store. After pretty long time, I still hadn’t found it, but I found a Pizza Hut where I had lunch!
During my time at Pizza Hut, I also found out that the page about the book store was deleted, and some of the articles I read dates back to 1999. My conclusion was that it wasn’t there anymore, as no one I asked had heard about it.
I went to a book store close to Pizza Hut, and bought Deception Point by Dan Brown. Outside, I found a good height to put the right pedal on, so it would hold against when I wanted to get the left one loose. It worked!
Back at the hotel. My plan was to go to Fine Burger to upload my pictures and also get some movies on the tablet, but it decided to crash instead.
Therefore, there has been less pictures the last days, and will probably not be any before I come home.
Instead, I downloaded 12 hours of radio program through the Swedish Radio app, mostly from SR P3, so now I have a book and some radio!
Soon, I am flying home!

Preparations for flying with bike

I made some prints of some of my photos, and then started to search for what I needed to prepare my bike for flight. I bought a big pack of plastic bags, some tape and a 15 spanner so that I can take off my pedals.
I also learnt about precession as I made my left pedal just get more stuck by trying to get it off the wrong way. Right then, I couldn’t get it off the other way, as there were nothing holding against the pedals (the chain stops the pedals from spinning in the other direction).

Another Souk!

Feeling a bit better, but still sick. It was good weather outside though, so I took a taxi to the souk (market).
I walked around, looked at things and bought some. At least I have learnt some about haggling, for example I don’t care about their starting price anymore. When they ask, I also tell them I have been here for half a year, working a little bit here and there, and I try to use as much Arabic as I know. That really helps, as being white, from a Nordic country, first time in Morocco usually makes the prices sky rocket!
I bought two small pieces of jewellery, and he asked 270 for them, a price I wouldn’t pay even if they were worth it, as it is not in my budget. They contain some silver (probably true) but also a mix of other materials. They are said to be handmade, but I don’t know how to see that.
I walked away with them for a total of 30 dirhams. I tried to get them down to 25, and in the end he went away to talk to another guy (he called him his boss) and said that 30 were the lowest he could go. Pretty good to get it down to 11% of the “price”, though!
I went back to the hotel, continued watching series and reading theory about camera use. I also learnt that the included photo app in iOS actually has a pretty good editor built-in, you may see some difference in some pictures! I really look forward to evolve when I come home!



Changing room

In the morning, I went out to check other hotels. After checking five of them, the cheapest one was actually just twenty metres away, same price as the one I was staying it. The room was almost three times as big, smelled better, and had one big and one small bed (the one I was staying at had one big bed). Also, there were more light coming into the room, and a door to a small balcony, so I could ventilate really well. And something I had not seem so far during my trip: Two(!) electrical outlets! It really was an upgrade.
After moving my stuff, I first ordered a plane ticket home, including bike. On Saturday I am leaving this country!
Then, I went to a placed called Fine Burger, where I had eaten some meals (pretty cheap, hamburger/pizza/kebab place with wifi as good as Swedish ADSL, 8/1 theoretical). Finally, I ordered a camera, moving up to an ASP-C DSLR instead of the small sensor Powershot G10 has. Nothing bad about the G10 – it is really good for its purpose, but it is not what I need anymore.
I was still feeling sick, and bought a five litre water bottle, so that I wouldn’t have to filter right now, and hopefully drink more water.

The room sucks

I had moved away all my stuff, inclusive bed, from the left walls as it was slowly dripping. Also, the smell may have gotten more intense, but I don’t think it is a good idea to stay in this room. I spent the day watching series and researching more about cameras, and also sleeping every now and then, with the plan to change hotel tomorrow.

Resting days ahead

I don’t know how interesting it will be to read those, but at least they are short!

Still feeling sick and tired, spending most of the time in bed. It’s raining outside, and the roof lets water through. Not the best room so far!
As my G10 is falling apart (six years old, 4 screws missing (I replaced three in Barcelona), cracked screen with dust in the inside) I am setting for a new camera with bigger sensor and changeable lens, so I can deliver even better pictures in the next trips! Therefore, when not getting out to buy food, I spent the days in bed, sleeping, resting, trying to get healthy and researching.
In the evening Veigar and his friend (Usam?) came by Agadir as they were going to take the bus to Casablanca. It was pouring down outside, but my rain gear worked well during my three kilometres biking to them. I sat with them at a cafè for a couple of hours before they left for their bus, and I went back to my research!


I arrived a little late to the bus, but luckily the bus was delayed half an hour.
I researched cheap hotel areas during the ride, and when I arrived, I biked to “Taborjt”. I asked some tourists for a tips, and the first hotel I came to offered a room for 60, which was cheaper than I expected. I was pretty tired, so I took it. After going out to eat, I went to sleep in the afternoon, feeling a bit sick.
I googled to see what food choices I had nearby, and found a place – Une Crepe – which seemed nice. I went their and ate one galette and one crepe – they were pretty huge, and delicious!
Now, my “vacation week” had started, with mostly sleeping in mind.